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What to Do With Your Old Car After Getting a New Lease


If you’re getting a new lease, you might have to get rid of your old car that’s just taking up space. There are some ways to get rid of it quickly and effectively, but not all of them will give you the best return. Evaluate the urgency of your situation and be patient if you want to get the best price. Here are some things to do with your old car.

A Dealership Will Purchase Your Car

Most dealerships will be interested in purchasing your car if it’s in decent condition. You can negotiate and try to get the highest price because there’s usually some flexibility when bargaining. They are trustworthy and give you a fairer price than many on the street.

A car value calculator will come in handy to see where your vehicle stands in the market. Carputty provides “One simple online application and gives you a credit line for every vehicle in your life without loan paperwork again.” Services like this allow you to manage any lease more efficiently and discover new options available.

Selling your car to a dealership is better when informed about the process with accurate calculations. This will give you some leverage when it comes to bargaining with them on a reasonable estimate on you car’s value.

You Can Sell It Online or To a Friend

Getting a reasonable price online can be tricky, and sometimes you don’t have time to stay at the computer. There are some good car-selling apps where you can get offers on the go and post your ads swiftly while browsing potential interests.

Sometimes a sale is more convenient and cordial if you have a family member or friend who needs a vehicle. Some shops will buy them simply for the spare parts, so that’s another avenue to consider. Learn how to sell your old car so you get a reasonable offer in the future!

No matter how you sell it, it should be lower than the current value if in the exceedingly used state. You will find someone to sell your old car eventually, but be transparent about its condition, and it will go smoothly.

If It’s Not Operating Like Normal, Scrap It For Fast Cash

If you’re desperate to get your old car taken care of, there’s always the scrapping option. It doesn’t require you to wait for someone to respond online, and you get the cash immediately. Keep in mind that it won’t be more than a few hundred bucks in most cases.

If you have a heavier car, this will be worth more than lighter models. Drive your car to the scrapyard and find out how much before they conduct the salvage. Scrapping is the quickest and easiest option to deal with your old car, and it won’t take long. You’ll feel a load lifted off your shoulders with only the new lease on the horizon!

Donate It To a Worthy Cause

There’s always the option to donate your car to a charity or your favorite organization. Companies appreciate your consideration through donation, and it’s a great way of giving back to the community. However, if you have limited cash, it might be wiser to wait it out on the market.

Restoring your car before selling is a good idea because it can give you more funds. Minor repairs can go a long way with a classic older car, and many people respect the attention to detail, which means they offer better prices.

A donation is ideal if you are better off and can afford the upcoming lease with savings to spare. Giving your car to a new driver as a gift is also a kind gesture. It gives them a chance to drive and practice on the road if financially limited.

For even more help with figuring out what to do with your old car, please see the infographic below.

Infographic provided by Indiana Public Auto Auction – your place to buy cars at auction online

Wrapping Up

A lease allows you to enjoy the luxuries of a more excellent vehicle without worrying about any costly repairs. It’s essentially renting a car for a certain period, and this can be more lucrative than buying one upfront for the total price or getting a car loan. It’s a nice middle-ground, and you won’t need that old car anymore when leasing. Now you know what to do with it after obtaining that new lease!