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Seven of the Most Reliable Employment Screening Services

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The increase in fraudulent activities, identity thefts, and other rampant frauds have stressed the need for stringent employment screening services. KYC automated solutions, AI technologies for employee authentication, and other such technologies are deployed to make these employment screening services safe and fool proof and the process more seamless and scalable. It is essential to vet if employees are who they claim to be; else, hiring them could be a blunder. 

Much important information can be divulged in an employee background check, making it mandatory to carry out the process before hiring. 

Features that an Employment Screening Service must offer

  • Reduced turnaround time: Waiting to accept or reject a candidate is unpleasant for all the parties involved. Look for an employment screening service that does not require weeks but only a couple of days to perform the end-to-end process.
  • Data accuracy: Every company wants up-to-date and accurate information. A background screening services company should have access to the latest national, local, and international databases.
  • Compliance: Your Employment Screening Services provider should understand your industry’s regulatory landscape and compliance standards and adhere to those standards.

Top Employment Screening Services

1. Auth Bridge

AuthBridge was established in 2005 and had technologically advanced and AI-powered capabilities to deliver employment screening services across countries.

Their screening products are developed on AI-driven technologies and encompass advanced features such as liveness detection, facial recognition, optical character recognition and data extraction to authenticate identity documents and academic and professional documents. 

They automate the end-to-end employment screening process, thereby enabling scalability, speed, and efficiency while eliminating the risk of fraud and bringing suitable candidates on board. 


Global giant and part of the Big 4, KPMG provides employee background screening and multiple other verification services in India. Their holistic expertise across fields makes them one of India’s top employee background companies globally. KPMG India’s background check and employee screening services are not limited to Indian companies but can also be carried out for employees or companies abroad.

3. Onicra

Onicra Credit Rating Agency will give you performance and credit rating services in India. Their offering encompasses ratings, analytical solutions and risk assessment for large corporate houses, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and even individuals. 

Onicra plays a fundamental and critical role in the collection and analysis of operational, financial, market and industry information, a process that reports and provides independent and reliable assessments of the subject. This gives various stakeholders the necessary inputs to make decisions.

4. iCrederity

icrederity is another leading background verification company based out of Bengaluru. They provide Employment Background Screening services across each sector in the Indian industry, including Fortune 500 companies. They developed their model to carry out verification in-house. 

5. IDfy

Another prominent name and well-known background verification and employee screening services provider are Mumbai-based IDfy. 

This company delivers background verification of job applicants, social media checks, death certificate corroborations, public database authentications, and other such services. They use sophisticated, technologically superior techniques to authenticate the backgrounds of multiple entities – companies and individuals.

6. Verifact

Verifacts is another top background company based out of Bengaluru in India. They service over 600 companies in the country and globally as well. Their services encompass many background checks, employee screening services and hiring tests that streamline and smooth the hiring process.

7. cFirst Corp

cFirst Corp is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio but offers its services in India through its operations based in Bengaluru. 

Their team of certified private investigators ensure world-class customer service and quick turnaround times to perform background checks. They use independent databases for accuracy and updated information.

By using the products of technologically advanced employee screening services, companies can streamline employee onboarding, making it more efficient, fast and scalable. The world of compliance is constantly evolving; thus, automating these verification processes has become a need of the hour to scale and grow as a tech-driven organization. Through database creation, data mining, and sophisticated algorithms, employment screening services provide real-time searches, address verification, background checks, and KYC automated solutions without risking data security. 

By choosing from one of these seven most reliable employment screening services, you can safeguard your company against financial fraud and expensive lawsuits.

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