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How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Video Marketing Strategy
How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Video is one of the best business marketing strategies in this digital era. The existence of the video is more favored than promotion in other forms.

Video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy in this digital era. Research says, more than 50% of potential clients or consumers prefer to see a product using video content than other types of content.

Therefore, it is very important to build a video marketing strategy in achieving company goals and increasing conversion sales.

You can create a video marketing checklist to help you plan the best video marketing to attract your target customers. Not only that, here are five steps in building a video marketing strategy for your business.

1. Start with Campaign Goals

First of all, Set campaign goals before creating a video campaign. Clear goals will make it easier for you to determine the right marketing strategy.

You may have only one goal or, perhaps more. The goals of video marketing can be whether you want to grow brand awareness, attract more traffic to your website, acquire more targeted leads, grow your customer base, or simply get more readers interested in your blog.

Whatever your goal is, be sure about it and highlight it from the start because this goal will affect the results of your campaign video and bring your business success in the future.

2. Know Your Audiences

Once your campaign goals are clearly stated, it’s time to get to know your target audience better. You can start by doing market analysis research.

This will not only help your product succeed and be accepted by the market but will also help you figure out how big the opportunity is and how tight the competition is for your business.

Thus, you can decide on the right type of video content that suits your target audience and business.

3. Diversify Your Videos

There are various types of videos out there that you have to decide on for your video campaign. Determining the type of video that is best suited for your brand is an important step in your marketing strategy. 

Every type of video has its pros and cons, depending on your business goals. You can choose these several types of video marketing that are commonly used such as explainer videos, tutorial videos, testimonials, demo videos, live-action videos, and so on. 

According to a study, 48% of consumers want the video to reflect the specific product or service that they own or are interested in. If you’re spinning wheels on which type to focus on, go with these popular types that I have mentioned.

4. Optimize Your Video

The next step is to optimize your video marketing. This depends on the platforms you choose to launch your campaign on as each platform has a different way of optimizing video content. 

Platforms with the most popular video-based content, namely YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. You can choose the platform that suits your target audience and can support your business goals.

YouTube, for example, you need to wait for two weeks after your video is released to make adjustments and refine your target audience. Additionally, you can try to optimize your content using platform features and paid ads to reach wider audiences.

5. Plan Your Budget

When creating a video campaign, make sure you spend your budget well. It’s necessary to plan your budget because, without the right budget, it will be difficult to get what you want.

Whether you want to hire an animator or you want to pay a video production company, this will be determined by the company’s budget.

That’s why make sure the type of video you create is in line with the objectives of your campaign and your target audience so that your spending matches the results of the campaign.


You already know more about how to build video marketing for your business. Of course, building a video marketing strategy has many stages that you have to go through. It takes a lot of effort, time, and thought to come up with a great video marketing strategy.

Following the steps above will lead your business to achieve the right video campaign goals. If you don’t start now, when will you?

Immediately design your video marketing strategy as well as possible to achieve business goals and take your business to a higher level.

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Author Bio

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