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A Luxury Guide to Writing Property Descriptions

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A Luxury Guide to Writing Property Descriptions

Writing property descriptions should be at the top of your list of essential property marketing tasks. Your description will form your potential tenants’ very first impression of your property. It can be what sways the balance in a potential client’s mind.

The reality is that not all descriptions are born equal! Just like anything these days, i.e., each essay writer is different from the other. So, there are a few secrets to help you extend and improve your paragraphs. If you want to give yourself the best chance at increasing your traffic, getting great feedback and standing out from the crowd, just follow these luxury guidelines!

What Qualifies as a Property Description?

  • It is a written explanation of the features, benefits and selling points of a property.
  • It should paint a picture of a property’s lifestyle that makes potential buyers want to see and buy it.

What doesn’t qualify as a good property description?

  • Do not include any information that can be seen via the photos.
  • Do not use the description as an opportunity to explain why you are selling your property.

What qualifies as a good property description?

  1. Focus on the property’s best features and selling points and sell these by using adjectives: “charming character cottage”, “modern stylish kitchen”, “spacious family home”, “luxurious master bedroom suite” “no extra home renovation needs”etc. Describe how these features make the property better than other properties for sale in the local area.
  1. Give an accurate room-by-room description of the layout or floorplan using positive words such as “spacious”, “generous-sized”, “contemporary open plan living space”, etc.

Write the Best Property Description by Following These 10 Hacks:

Your property description needs to be not just informative and accurate, but also engaging and persuasive. You need to be able to paint a picture of what life would be like living in this home.

1.    Choose the Right Agent:

The first step in writing the perfect property description is choosing the right person for the job. Look for someone who has earned a reputation for excellence among high-end clients (like yourself). It’s also important to make sure that the agent you choose specializes in where you live because he or she will have an in-depth understanding of what sells in your market.

2.    Focus on Interior Features:

Let’s start with the basics. The interior features of your property are what will make or break your listing when you’re trying to sell your home. For this reason, you should always begin your luxury real estate property description with interior features – starting with the kitchen.

3.    Include Information About the Neighborhood:

In addition to features specific to the home itself, you should also include information about the neighborhood where the house is located. Buyers want to know as much as they can about the location of the home they’re purchasing – especially if they’re moving from out of town or another part of the country, where they might not know anything about your area’s neighborhoods and neighborhood’s amenities.

4.    Include Key Details:

When writing property descriptions, use as many details as possible to convey the value of the property without overcrowding the page. Include:

  • The year built (if it’s an older home)
  • Recent renovations/repairs/upgrades, including HVAC systems, roofing, windows and appliances
  • Zoning information (if available)
  • Any special features such as green construction methods or appliances.

5.    Be Thorough:

When writing the property description, be very thorough with the details of your property. Include all the relevant facts about your property; i.e., the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage spaces, square footage, etc.

Even if you think some details are not important enough to include in your listing, always remember that real estate is all about location and it’s better to mention every single detail instead of leaving out something important and having potential buyers ask questions later on.

6.    Use Rich Descriptive Words:

Your choice of words matters a lot when writing a real estate listing description as it gives buyers an insight into what they expect from your property. So be very selective with the words you use in your description. Using rich descriptive words helps create an emotional connection between buyers and your property.

7.    Get Your Facts Straight:

Ensure you have accurate information and all the documents pertaining to the property before you start writing. This includes size, location, ownership details, and other important information.

8.    Use Proper Grammar and Spelling:

An agent or owner who can’t spell or write properly is not likely to do a good job representing your home or business. A good description should be written in proper English with correct spelling and grammar.

9.    Use Positive Language:

Remember that potential clients need to know what makes your property stand out from the rest in order to see its value and make an offer for it. Use positive language when describing the features of your property so as to give it a good image in the mind of the reader. This will also help you convey confidence in selling your property for its full price.

10. Advertise the best bits – what really sets this property apart?

Advertising a property well is all about selling the dream, and the first step to doing this is to make sure you’re getting across exactly what that dream is.

You could have a stunning garden or amazing views, or maybe it’s a quiet location that makes your property stand out. Whatever it is, make sure that you lead with this in your advert. The last thing you want to do is bury the best parts of the property towards the end of your description!


In the end, it is all about location and interior design. If you are selling a luxury property, then the complete package is what will make it stand out from the crowd – opulent furnishings and fixtures, exquisite features, and a stunning setting.

But a well-written description is worth so much more in this competitive business; it’s often the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. With the simple tweaks we’ve shown you above, your descriptions can be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. Best of all, they may even help to distinguish your listings from the competition. So, sharpen those pencils, grab a cup of coffee, and get writing!

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