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6 plumbing situations that require the immediate attention of a professional plumber


Plumbing is widely known to be a system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Under the system, there is the usage of pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures as well as tanks on a large scale. There are different apparatus as well that can be used under this system to convey the fluid but it is not limited.

In the present era, it is very important to have proper water flow, therefore quick plumbing facilities and electrical contractors are a must in the list. Lead was used widely in the previous generation. In the present situation this is causing a lot of health issues which can be sorted if there is availability of good plumbing experts.

A professional plumber is

  • One who can be relied upon for helping out in case of any kind of pipe fixture required.
  • They need to have the proper technical ideas and tactics known alongside they must have the proper license to prove their work in case a customer asks for it. 
  • They must be knowledgeable and skillful so that they can handle difficult situations that may require immediate attention.

Problems can be never-ending, but to repair them should be the sole concern of the plumbers. There can be varied emergencies, the plumber should be well equipped alongside know the proper skills that can help them to come out of the situation. Some of the six emergency plumbing repairs that require immediate attention are enlisted herewith.

  1. Overflowing Toilet

This is one of the most common plumbing issues which needs immediate repair. Water which is the most essential part of the everyday lifestyle is mostly utilized in the toilets for various day-to-day activities. Though it is easy to get it solved but needs a quick repair. First, the water inlet valve is to be closed. Then the sewer clean-out cap is to be opened in the yard to give the backed-up water some space to flow off.

  • Clogged kitchen sink

The kitchen area should be clean and maintaining its hygiene should be its supreme requirement. The plumber should also be swift with his skills in order to get this repaired. In order to get this repaired the plumber must open the sewer clean-out cap. The sink should not be opened as this could release the backed-up water.

  • Interior Leak

An interior leak should also be looked into on a priority basis. Interior leaks can be related to air conditioners or even the fridge may also have some interior leak. This also requires quick access to the plumbers who can repair it the earliest. If the ac is giving a problem, it should be turned up to 82 degrees to reduce the load on the equipment.

  • Water heater trouble

This can be a massive problem in case there is a leak in it. This requires immediate repair by the plumber. In order to reduce the risk for further damage, we need to close the water heater’s inlet valve. Then the fuel source or electricity should be turned off.  In case there are any burn marks noticed on the gas water heater or flames are coming out then the plumber must be informed on an urgent basis.

  • The first floor drains bubbling

This is the indication of a severely clogged sewer line or drain. To repair this the outdoor sewer clean-out cap should be opened. This may help to drain away from the excess water.

  • A leak in the yard

This indicates a broken underground pipe. This was also very important to be repaired at the earliest. The water meter should be located and closed at the earliest.

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