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Where To Invest Money For Good Returns?


Systematic and regular investment is a must if you have to attain financial freedom and endowment. It requires you to select the right investment plan to produce a significant return without exposing the corpus to detrimental investment risk. Investment is necessary to fulfil your financial plans. 

There is no shortage of investment plans. You must select the one you can continue easily and complements your financial objectives. Investors need to consider the applicable taxation while selecting an investment plan. Most importantly, while investing money, you need to update the Central KYC Registry so you don’t face issues raising the maturity claim. 

Fixed Deposits shall never turn out of fashion.  

The fixed deposit has been the most sought-after investment plan among Indian investors for generations. The best part about fixed deposits is that it is the safest investment plan, and over a longer span, they can produce a significant return. If you are looking for a faster financial endowment, opt for the cumulative payout plan that fetches you the corpus and the interest earned at the end of the lock-in period. If you need a regular source of income, select the non-cumulative plan that fetches you the interest at fixed intervals. You can withdraw the corpus in full or party anytime across the lock-in period. Investors can avail of loans by pledging the fixed deposit certificate to meet their exacting cash needs. As a piece of advice, it is important always to keep the Central KYC Registry updated. 

Corporate Fixed Deposit plans 

Corporate Deposits involve corporate companies accepting fixed deposits from the public. CD is a mid-term investment plan that produces a significantly higher return than conventional FDs with Banks and NBFCs. Please keep in mind that it promises assured return, and based on the performance of the Company, you even qualify for an additional dividend. Like the fixed deposit plans, you can consider withdrawing the corpus at any time. Moreover, you can even get secured loans by pledging the CD certificate. Corporate Deposit plans are one of the best choices if you are ready to shoulder medium-level investment risk for a shorter span. You must make corporate deposits with reputed companies with a stable financial background to reduce the possible investment risks. 

You cannot miss out on the mutual fund. 

The mutual fund involves a collective corpus that gets invested in the money market. The investor gets entitled to a return based on the contribution made towards the collective fund. It is a bit of a risky investment plan. However, it has been producing one of the best returns for investors for years. The good thing is that it offers you ample liquidity, and investors can even avail of loans by pledging the investment certificate. If you keep investing in mutual funds for more than 3 years, the return on investment qualifies for a tax rebate. 

Public Pension Fund has produced one of the best returns consistently for years. 

PPF is a government-backed and operated fund; thus, it is one of the most reliable investment plans. If you are ready for a longer investment term to produce a high return, you cannot afford to miss the PPF investment. The best thing is that your contribution to the Public Provident Fund qualifies for a tax rebate. Investors appreciate this investment plan for the reason that they can start the investment in PPF with the minimum amount. 

Unit Linked Insurance Plans 

The most exciting feature of this investment tool is that a part of the contribution gets you life insurance cover, and another portion goes to the market-linked investment tools. You get the flexibility to select the investable funds, and your contribution qualifies for tax exemption. Though it is not a guaranteed—return investment plan; however, it has been producing one of the best returns for Indian Investors for years. ULIP investment plans feature mediocre investment risk.