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What is Custom Packaging  

Custom Packaging 

Customized packaging is essentially the opposite of standard packaging. Custom packaging also known as retail packaging is personalized and uniquely tailored for each product to fulfill a company’s specific needs, instead of using a standard or pre-made package or box for fitting the product. The custom wholesale Boxes for packaging process includes modifying a packaging’s size, shape, color, style, and in some cases, its material, varnish, and other specifications. 

Let us explore some of the primary benefits attached with Customized packaging. 

Perfect for products having unique sizes or shape

If you have a product that has a unique size or shape which makes it difficult to pack in a standard box, then definitely you will have to opt for customized packaging. Sometimes products like decoration pieces or other limited edition products have sizes that are hard to fit in standard packages. To carry out packaging for such products, custom packaging would become inevitable. 

Better protection of your products

Products undergo lots of movements during transportation and are subjected to tough conditions. Broken or faulty products can wreak havoc upon your business. It creates such a bad impression upon clients that can potentially harm your business. Therefore, you mustn’t make any sort of compromise regarding the packaging of your product. To ensure that your packaging is staunch and sturdy, customized packaging is strongly preferred instead of standard packaging. 

Helps Brand stand out from competitors

If you are facing tough competition from your competitors, then you must apply all techniques to make sure you increase your market share and get maximum profits. You can achieve this by opting for customized packaging for your products as it helps products stand out creating an ever-lasting impression. Studies reveal that more than 60% of the buyers claim that they would recommend the product to peers since it was neatly packed.

Creates and leaves a lasting impression on the customers 

Customized packaging has a personalized touch and leaves a strong impression on customers. This helps in the growth of a brand which is the key to gaining success in today’s fierce competition. A recent survey has proved that customers who found their product in a personalized packaging were amenable to re-order the product. Similarly, they were also eager to discuss their product with others just because of the customized packaging. 

 Highlights special features of the product

Customized packaging can be utilized to highlight the product’s special features. Each product has certain special features which the company wants to highlight. This can be efficiently carried out using custom boxes. Strong visuals and graphics can be added to the packaging which can better feature the product’s special features. This works extremely well especially when the product has an emotional appeal attached to it. 

Excellent choice for special occasions

One of the primary benefits associated with customized packaging is that it allows the seller to create a unique appeal to buyers, particularly on special occasions. For instance, if a bakery intends to sell cakes in December, it is recommended to utilize Christmas as the intent. Similarly, on other occasions such as valentine’s day, customized packaging can help grow sales. In the case of gift products, custom packaging plays a vital role in generating that personalized touch that makes the receiver special on their special day. 

Gives unboxing experience to the customers

These Days unboxing products on social media has become a trend among social media users and influencers. While unboxing they want to make sure the product is in a good state which becomes possible only if its packaging has been done right. The unboxing experience overall acts as an advertisement opportunity and since packaging comes under discussion it is advisable to have a good one.   

Improves aesthetics

Customized packaging enhances the aesthetics of your product’s packaging. All in all, Custom packaging is an easy method to spike interest in your product and build excitement around your brand using aesthetically pleasing packaging.  

Eco-friendly solution

Today we are facing a plethora of environmental and climatic issues such as pollution and global warming. To control these, we must minimize our waste and recycle our packaging. This can be done by opting for custom packaging that is eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

Creates awareness through advertisement of the Product

Moreover, customized packaging carries strong visuals of the product and indirectly advertises it wherever the package is moving. This helps enhance traffic to your brand and ultimately results in its growth.   

However, there are certain cons also attached to customized packaging

Cons of having Custom Packaging

It is a costly affair

The primary disadvantage of having customized packaging is that this is not budget-friendly at all. If you are in a stage of your business where you are experimenting with various marketing strategies, then surely you must not spend extravagantly on packaging 

It is not readily available

Another disadvantage associated with customized packaging is that it is not readily available and must be ordered in advance so that you can get it in time. If you intend to send your product as soon as possible like most people demand to get their product on the same day, then it becomes challenging to make delivery using custom packaging as it delays the process. Custom packaging has to be ordered from a third party which also results in unwanted delays for the product. 

3. Not suitable for small businesses

If you happen to run a small business and there are little prospects for growth, then it won’t be advisable to go for custom packaging. 


Both standard packaging and custom packaging have their pros and cons. While standard packaging is economical and readily available, custom packaging leaves a lasting impression on the customers and helps grow the brand. However, both do not apply to all products. Standard packaging would be suitable for certain products but not preferable for the rest. Similarly, custom packaging would be highly recommended in some products but it won’t be advisable to use them in certain cases. It is important to understand the prospects and shortcomings of both so that you are better able to pinpoint one for your product as per circumstances. The above-mentioned points provide a clear set of guidelines and elaborate on both’s feasibility at length.