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Top Companies to Sell Your Home in 2023!


As seen so far, the year 2023 has been amazing for the housing market. Experts predict the rest of the months of 2023 to be full of rising home prices and continued high demand for properties. 

Because of a few homes on the market and many eager buyers, the housing shortage is likely to continue. Many buyers are eager to make a move, but they are stuck due to the low supply of homes in the market in different parts of the US, which is also contributing to rising property prices. The real estate market in the US remains a seller’s market benefitting homeowners wanting to sell in 2023.

If you are contemplating to sell your house in 2023, you have some good options: 

  • You can put up your house for sale and benefit from the current surge in demand for properties.
  • You may wait the year out and see how inflation and interest rates affect housing prices, or
  • You can choose to keep your current home for the near future.

More reasons to sell your home in 2023

Are you ready to take advantage of the buyer demand in 2023? Especially if you are sitting on hot real estate, the prices of which are climbing up fast with bidding wars a common phenomenon in your locality. Homes have seen and would see plenty of buyer activity in 2022, especially in entry-level homes purchased by first-time homebuyers. The entry-level price range in your neighborhood is dependent on, well, your neighborhood. It is typically a third of standard home sale prices in an area. 

While home prices aren’t predicted to climb as fast as they did in the past year, buyer demand is still strong in 2022, which is likely to continue. However, buyers have been pushing back to purchasing for-sale properties with sky-high prices. Many inflated properties can be found on the market in 2022.

You must sell your home in 2022 as interest rates are expected to go up, but are fairly low for now. Mortgage interest rates in the US have remained historically low for years now around the COVID-19 pandemic and they are likely to climb somewhat now. Low mortgage rates are positive for home sellers. You might want to lock in on the low rate in 2022. But how do you start selling your home? You can start by finding a top company to sell your home. Find out more about some fantastic real estate companies in the US.

Top companies to sell your home in 2023

Below are the top companies that can help you sell your home in 2023:

  1. Houzeo

Houzeo is the best company to go for if you want multiple cash offers for your home. It is a company that lists your home on MLS and provides your home the exposure it needs to find a number of home buyers. Houzeo does not charge a commission fee or any hidden closing fee and offers its packages at a flat charge ranging from USD 299 to USD 999.

Houzeo answers all your questions and provides the best solution on “How to Sell a House By Owner.” You can negotiate cash terms of your choice for closing and keep the closing date flexible. Your property not only gets exposure via MLS but also with a listing on major portals like Realtor.com, Redfin, and Zillow. Also, Houzeo is present nationwide in 46 states in the US making it easy for you to market your property to local cash buyers anywhere.

  1. Clever Real Estate

Clever is a free, nationwide real estate company that matches you with quality, local real estate agents and claims to help you save big on commission fees. When you want to sell your house, Clever can help you connect with multiple top-rated agents from well-known brokerages and brands so that you can find the best fit.

As per one of the Clever Real Estate reviews, the agents in the company’s network provide full support for a fraction of the charge. If your home is sold under USD 350,000, you are charged USD 3000 and if it is sold for more than that, you have to pay up a 1% listing fee to Clever as commission.

However, as per Clever Real Estate reviews, it does not disclose the listing fee to you when the property is sold. You might think that this is a good service available for free but you end up paying thousands of dollars as commissions.

  1. Zillow

Zillow has been a go-to source for all things real estate for a long time. You can search for over 110 million homes in the company’s database including properties on and off the market if you want to buy a house. You can also calculate mortgages, find an agent, get a price estimate for a home, or peruse design galleries right on their website. 

Zillow’s offers you a detailed search feature, making it easier for you to find your dream home online. Zillow has many different apps that give you access to its multiple real estate platforms.

  1. Trelora

As per multiple Trelora reviews, it is a full-service real estate company that connects you with quality agents at an affordable price. But most homeowners refrain from using the services of Trelora as its customer service is not good even when it offers good savings on commissions. 

The reason for poor service, as per another Trelora review, is that its agents have to handle an extremely high number of clients. As a home seller, you’d have to deal with a different person at every stage in your home sale, which can lead to mistakes in the sale process. 

  1. HomeLight

HomeLight is an amazing real estate company that offers a good variety of services to home sellers and buyers. You can find a top-notch local real estate agent through HomeLight if you are a first-time home seller as per one HomeLight review. This is great as local agents know state laws, can help you get a good price for your house, can help you with the local formalities, and negotiate the price as per the local market standards. 

As per one HomeLight reviews, the company makes money by charging a referral fee from agents once they close deals with customers and the company can also charge you with a high commission even when it claims that its services are free.

  1. Realtor.com

Sponsored by the NAR, Realtor.com has been providing its professional real estate expertise to home buyers and sellers since 1994. As you can well imagine, Realtor.com was among the first online real estate companies. 

Realtor hosts a database of listings and housing data and encourages you to connect with more than a million local real estate agents belonging to the NAR. You can also track your home valuation, mortgage, and equity with Realtor.com.

  1. ForSaleByOwner.com 

You might not want to hire a professional real estate agent to sell your property. You can forgo the assistance of a broker with ForSaleByOwner.com, a company that helps you sell like a pro. 

ForSaleByOwner.com helps you list, price, market, and show your homes. Home buyers can also leaf through home listings, compare home values, find market information, and more with the tools on their website. However, the service offered by ForSaleByOwner.com isn’t free and its most popular plan will cost you USD 349.

You are ready to sell your home if

How to determine whether or not you are ready to sell your home? You are probably ready to sell your home if:

  • You can make enough from your home sale so as to buy a new home.
  • You have decided to move closer to your friends and family.
  • Your family situation has changed like elderly members moving in or kids moving out.
  • You find your current home small for the needs of your family.

Alternatively, you must wait to sell your home if:

  • You can’t afford a new home at the current prices.
  • Your current home needs huge repairs or upgrades.
  • Your income is not stable
  • You have bad credit and would need a mortgage to buy a home.

Final word

Thus, 2022 is a good time to sell your home and with top companies like Houzeo, you can get most of the help required in selling a home. Happy home selling!