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The Ultimate List of Essential Oil Boxes


If you’re looking for a great essential oil packaging boxes subscription, look no further than the products offered by Simply Earth. This company sources essential oils from family farms around the world, and never adds fragrance or filler to their products. Its recipes are guaranteed to be both effective and delicious. Whether you’re looking for a subscription to make homemade soap or other products, you’ll find a number of options in this list.


With a commitment to organic and sustainable practices, Vitruvi has developed a sophisticated line of custom essential oil boxes products. With their knowledge of botanicals and traditional blending techniques, Vitruvi elevates everyday moments with natural scents. Their essential oil line features many calming blends, including an exclusive Quiet blend. The boxes are elegant and thoughtfully designed to be displayed in your home or office. The fragrances inside the boxes have soothing, earthy undertones.

The Vitruvi Essential Oils come in a range of scents that can transport you to a tranquil place away from everyday stress. The essential oils can be diffused or added to a DIY face oil recipe. They ship by UPS and are delivered within four to five business days of purchase. They are also easy to use and come in convenient travel sizes. To get your essential oils delivered, place an order for two or three bottles.


SOLIGT Essential Oil Boxes are high quality storage cases with features like a bottle opener, removable middle divider, and heavy-duty handle for easy transport. They keep your oils neat and organized, and can be used for travel or convenient displays. They also feature a custom-made design that fits your needs. It comes with free labels that help you organize your essential oils. This product is perfect for both personal use and gift-giving.

Soligt labels come in 27 colors and are oil and smudge resistant. The labels are also waterproof. You can choose from 8 sheets of blank labels in different sizes, including for bottles and vials. The labels are reusable, and you can print them on inkjet or pen printers. Soligt also provides transparent test paper to determine the size of your font and other details. The labels can be customized by downloading the free templates on the Soligt website.

The Essential Oil box from Soligt features a minimalist design and is crafted of natural pine wood. It also features a Soligt logo engraved on the bottom of the box. The box is durable and features a smooth lid, which stays open without propping. Each oil bottle is also labeled with a colorful sticker. The box’s interior measurements are 1.18-inches square and 3.5 inches tall. The longer slot features roller ball space that measures 2.48-inches x 1.18-inch.

When choosing an essential oil box, consider its capacity. Different essential oil boxes hold a different number of bottles. The box should be durable and long-lasting, if possible. While most essential oil boxes are made from wooden construction, other materials are also available. Make sure to choose a box that is made from a durable material, as these boxes can carry a lot of essential oil. In addition, the boxes should have space to store multiple bottles.


These essential oil boxes contain both the essential oils and storage container. The box is made of pine wood, making it both durable and attractive. It also contains roller balls and pipettes. You can even personalize it with a logo to add a personalized touch. Each box has a handle, and the lid opens 90 degrees for easy access. The boxes are sold individually, or they can be purchased with a matching carrying bag.

Decorative boxes for essential oils are an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your products. They are sturdy, portable, and are designed to showcase a variety of oils. Essential oil boxes are a great way to distinguish among your products, while giving a great presentation. Using a custom-made box for essential oils is also a cost-effective marketing strategy. These boxes will make your products look amazing on store shelves.

The wooden LAXUS Essential Oil Box comes with a metal clasp for securing bottles. There are 25 slots in the box, and they hold five, ten, and fifteen mL bottles. There are even slots for ten-milliliter roller bottles. The box is designed to store essential oils at their peak performance, and is perfect for travel or storage. These boxes are sturdy enough to protect the oils from sunlight while giving them the benefits of heat exposure.

Smell Designs’ box was developed by a professional team in 2013. It comes with fourteen ten-mL roller applicator bottles and 45 five to 15-mL petrol bottles. The box also includes 14 plastic material pipettes, and a bottom drawer with tool balls. For newbies, the Smell Designs Essential Oil Box is a great choice. They offer free labels for every bottle, which is always a plus.

Decorative racks

Decorative racks are a neat way to display your essential oil boxes and keep them organized. They also keep them close at hand and are easy to grab. You can find them in many styles and designs. For example, nail polish racks work well for holding all sizes of essential oil bottles. Most nail polish racks have a top shelf for larger containers. This makes them easy to place on countertops and other surfaces. They are also a fun DIY project.

Oil storage boxes are a great way to organize your oils. Choose one with a lid that closes for easy access. Depending on your personal preferences, you can organize them by color or type. For easy organization, you can also use stickers to identify different oils by their botanical name. There are a wide variety of different types of essential oils to choose from. There are also decorative racks designed especially for essential oil boxes.

Decorative racks for essential oil boxes are an excellent way to showcase your oils. Aromatherapy storage boxes are available in several styles, from simple wooden racks to sleek, glass display cases. Decorative racks help you organize your essential oils and keep them safe from UV light and pets. You can find one that matches your interior decor and your essential oil collection. You can use either style to display your oils in your home or store.

While essential oil storage boxes are functional and decorative, they aren’t ideal for storing your precious oils. Essential oil boxes can be expensive and should be stored in a safe environment. Therefore, it is important to protect them from dust and moisture. To protect them from dings and scratches, choose wooden storage boxes. The materials used to make the boxes are sturdy and durable, and the lids will prevent your essential oils from spilling during transport.

Custom paper boxes

The cylinder tube packaging can make your essential oils stand out on the shelf. Traditionally, essential oil products are packaged in folding paper boxes but now you can choose from the more environmentally friendly cylinder tube packaging. A cylinder tube is more attractive on the shelf and offers higher protection. Cylindrical packaging is becoming increasingly popular among oil product manufacturers. Unlike paper boxes, cylinder tubes are stronger and more durable. Additionally, cylinder tube packaging is more attractive to consumers and is becoming a popular trend for many oil product manufacturers.

Paper boxes are durable and portable, and make a great way to display your products. Custom boxes for essential oils can be crafted to fit your specific needs. You can choose to have foam or cardboard inserts and use punched or perforated paper. Depending on the size of your product, you can also choose a custom shape. While you’re designing your boxes, keep in mind the following tips to ensure your boxes meet manufacturer’s specifications:

A reusable, cardboard box is eco-friendly. They can withstand damage from shipping and are easy to stack and store. Because they can be recycled, they don’t take up much space in storage. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, which means you won’t be harming the environment while making your products stand out. You’ll also be proud to tell your customers that you’re an eco-friendly company.

Choosing a sturdy box is important when packing essential oil products. A sturdy box will protect the bottles from breaking or leaking. Unlike rectangular cartons, cardboard tubes are also more suitable for packing essential oil bottles than cardboard boxes. Moreover, they’re also easier to pack, saving you time and money. In addition to the durability of the box, you’ll be able to reuse the cardboard tube packaging for other products.