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Selling a house in Georgia Myself


According to the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR), the median sales price of homes has increased by 21% in Georgia, while the Median home value counts $306,113. The real estate market trend is presumed to stay stable and benefit investors in Georgia for a year now. 

But at any interval, if the housing market begins losing the heat, the prices could fall by the upcoming year. Hence, the current market is best suitable for house sellers desiring to sell their property reasonably; the time is now. 

Unsurprisingly, you might wonder “how to sell my house Georgia.” Let us tell you, Georgia is the most liked city in the United States of America after California, and many buyers look for a best seller to match their deal. That said, you can find the perfect buyer and bargain for the best sale possible. 

A standard real estate agent’s commission in this city is estimated to be around 6&% of a home’s sale price. You’ll indeed have to give out some of your hard-earned money when selling a house via a real estate agent/listing agent. 

But guess what? You can entirely skip the real estate agent’s commission or any third-party interference. Indeed, you might be questioning yourself, ‘can I sell my house without a realtor? Surely, you can sell your house without a realtor by selling your home on FSBO sites. 

How can I sell my house without a realtor?

For Sale, By Owner (FSBO) sites aid sellers list their property on multiple listing services (MLS) to generate the best lead and exposure for your property. 

Multiple Listing Service is a database of available local real estate listings. Only real estate agents have access to this database, as it is a prominent, helpful tool that aids in the quicker and more effective marketing of one’s property. 

With MLS’s presence in the highly digitalized world, the real estate process becomes convenient for users. For sellers who desire to sell their house with a good advertising strategy, MLS provides it all without paying listing agents commission. Such services can be claimed by paying a flat fee.

Flat-Fee MLS listings are services offered by flat-rate listing companies who list your home on MLS for a flat rate. Depending on your flat-fee listing package, the listing company provides a range of other services to help you when you need them.

List on MLS with the best FSBO sites for a flat fee, and no longer be concerned about, ‘Can I sell my house without a realtor? Keep reading the blog to learn about the best FSBO sites and their functioning. 

Best FSBO sites


Your concern about how to sell my house in Georgia becomes convenient with Houzeo. The platform is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology, 5-star customer service, and maximum savings. Houzeo is a highly teched MLS listing platform located in the U.S.

Houzeo operates on a minimal flat price that saves the seller a considerable amount of the real estate agent’s commission. The company was established in 2017 and has been in a good position as a credible MLS listing platform.

How does Houzeo function?

Houzeo’s listings are syndicated to the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and many other websites. The syndication is maintained with the motive to achieve maximum exposure to the listing. 

In addition, Houzeo also includes useful sharing features for social media that rarely any platform offers. Houzeo is entirely available online, and all documentation till closing is guaranteed 100% online at your space and convenience. 

Houzeo has received a notable 4.9 out of 5 rating from home sellers across the United States on reputable review websites like Google and Trustpilot. They are available 24/7 to help their customers solve their queries.

With Houzeo’s cutting-edge characteristics, you may completely manage your lists online with the IntelliList list management system, while with showings facilities, you can revisit, contrast, and use counter quotes. 

The platform’s buyer search specification Houzeo guides you through the transaction via the Houzeo settlement agency platform. They provide the best professional and possible service to their clients.

Houzeo.com is the best since it provides an unsurpassed combination of discounts, technological capabilities, and services. If you’re a seller looking for multiple top-notch services with a small Flat fee for MLS listing, Houzeo will meet your ends. 

You can check out Houzeo reviews to more about them.

Congress Realty

Congress Realty is an MLS listing platform operating since 2002. They provide a basic package of $299 to list your property on MLS. At the same time, the sellers can also customize their packages and receive services offered on an a la carte basis in addition to flat-rate MLS listings.

How does Congress Realty function?

Though they provide a basic package of $299, the services available don’t cover the necessities a seller would need, and you can only add four photographs. Congress Realty provides reports on comparative market analyses for extra charges upon request.

The business also has a phone system which forwards all the offers that you receive on your home. But, they charge an additional $150 for this service. In our recommendation, if you want to avail all essential facilities for a small flat fee like Houzeo, Congress Realty won’t help you.


Fizber assures you fast and swift flat fee MLS listing services. They are well recognized in the For Sale By Owner business and have helped thousands sell their house as an FSBO seller. They have gained high-quality professional customer service and are technologically well equipped than any other FSBO website except Houzeo.  

How does Fizber function?

Fizber provides affordable MLS packages, while the most popular package costs $295. The other $395 plan has a few more features than the $295 one. However, the services differ for every package.

One negative aspect about Fizber is that though they are technologically well equipped, most of the procedures are done offline. Also, there’s no additional mobile app support. 

When you list on Fizber, you will be referred to a regional broker who services your city or state. You won’t have any control over your selling experience because no brokers are on the platform, and procedures are done offline.


Homecoin is an innovative home-selling real estate platform, operating since 2009. The platform has already helped hundreds of home sellers save millions in commissions. You can sign up for free on Homecoin. The business operates on a very nominal flat fee.

How does Homecoin function?

Homecoin’s most significant appeal is the $95 listing. Whereas, technologically-wise, the platform is not well equipped. When you sign up, you’re faced with a very unmanageable online dashboard, which makes listing your home stressful and messy.

Note: Homecoin charges a very high fee ($450) for state-required seller disclosures. Since sellers need to submit these documents, this fee is unavoidable. Besides, to access necessary disclosures or yard signs, etc., the business charges extra fees. 

Final Words

Selling a house in Georgia as an owner is easy with the best FSBO websites mentioned above. These businesses disappear your major worry of, how to sell my house in Georgia’ or “can I sell my house without a realtor.” Listing your house on such platforms will save you a hefty real estate agent commission and guarantee fast, flexible service at a flat rate.