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Pros And Cons Of Buying A VIVO Phone


The fast-paced smartphone business has seen some incredible technological and feature advancements from brands worldwide. Vivo Communication Technology has risen to prominence thanks to its ground-breaking innovations and high-end equipment. VIVO is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer specializing in high-end, low-cost Android devices. So should you buy one of the latest VIVO v20 Pro EMI down payment? Let’s look into it.

VIVO: An Introduction

VIVO is arguably the most powerful phone manufacturer in the world today. It was one of the first companies to implement 5G, has several camera lenses on nearly all of its phones, and isn’t afraid to offer a lot of storage. Most VIVO phones have 128GB of internal storage(check out offers on VIVO v20 Pro EMI down payment). However, not everything about the company is glitzy and appealing. Here’s a list of them.

Pro#1 Innovation

VIVO’s mid-range phone included the world’s first in-display fingerprint scanner in 2018. Another noteworthy debut was the pop-up camera, which allows for a bezel-less display. The Apex 2020 concept phone was presented in 2020, with no camera module on its body but a flying drone-like camera module that detached itself from the phone.

Pro#2 Ultimate Specs on a budget

Regardless of price, every Vivo phone on the market today has incredible specs and features that other brands only provide in their flagship models. In reality, the company’s originality rests in its formula of combining high-end components like a large battery, plenty of RAM, and quality devices at a low price. 

Pro#3 Amazing Camera

VIVO understands the importance of imaging in the industry. As a result, it has equipped all of its most recent releases with dual, triple, or quad-lens cameras, including ultra-wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, and features like OIS and macro.

Pro#4 Plenty of Choices

Vivo offers a wide range of products to choose from. Almost 100 types are available from the Chinese manufacturer, divided into eight different series so that you can select the VIVO v20 Pro EMI down payment. Depending on the price and specifications required, there is undoubtedly a smartphone for everyone. 

Con#1 Better Competitor

When it comes to value, there are a lot of brands that can compete with Vivo. Innovative specifications are still fairly healthy and offer more value for money than a Vivo phone for someone who is not a tech expert. 

Con#2 Funtouch OS

Despite having a fantastic camera and fast chipset, Vivo’s software, known as the Funtouch OS, has not been satisfactory. The phone’s built-in browser has a complex user interface and is littered with unwanted advertisements, making the user experience less appealing.

Con#3 Bloatware

While most phone companies strive to provide their customers with a bloatware-free experience, Vivo appears to be taking a different approach. The Chinese OEM continues to load pre-installed software and apps that obstruct the user experience with unnecessary factory apps and waste a substantial amount of disk space that could be better employed. 

Should You Buy A VIVO Phone?

As mentioned in this article, VIVO makes and sells a lot of phones. So if you’re searching for fantastic value, great specs, and incredibly affordable costs, VIVO is the brand for you.

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