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How To Make Candles At Home To Sell? A Complete Guide

Candles At Home

Making candles at home is an easy way to create something unique to sell in your neighborhood. It’s also much cheaper than purchasing items at the store; you can control what goes into them and ensure they are safe. All you need is a few supplies, and you’ll be on your way to making money with homemade candles in no time.

Once you understand how to make candles at home, the only limit is your imagination for items that can become wax creations. People use all kinds of glass jars or containers, like spaghetti sauce or pickle jars, teapots (for tea lights), milk jugs (for votives), tin cans (tea light cups), etc. The list is endless; look around your house and see what you have!

How to make candles at home to sell?

Candles are a popular home decor item that can add warmth, ambiance, and fragrance to any space. Many different types of candles are available, from scented candles that can fill a room with delightful aromas to unscented candles that can be used for various purposes. Pillar candles are one of the most popular and ideal for use in centerpieces, on mantels, or as decorative accents. Votive candles are smaller and can create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom.

Tealight candles are perfect for use in candle holders or as accents on tables and bookshelves. Soy candles are a popular choice for those who prefer a more eco-friendly option, as they are made from natural soy wax and burn cleanly. Whatever type of candle you choose, follow proper safety precautions when using them in your home. Always keep candles from flammable materials and never leave them unattended while burning. Candles can add a cozy and inviting feel to any home with their warm glow and delightful scents.


The first thing you need to start making candles at home is wax. There are many types of wax, all suited for different types of candles. The most popular wax used in candles is paraffin wax. Other common types are beeswax, barberry you, soy and palm wax. You can find these at craft stores or online retailers. Prices vary depending on the amount the merchant will sell it to by weight. For example, a pound can range from $5-20+, whereas ten pounds ranges from $45-$100+.

Types of wax

There are many types of wax available for making candles at home. The most popular and what is typically used for votive candles are flat braid cotton wax. These are inexpensive and will burn well with an excellent molten wax pool created around them. Once the candle has been lit a few times, you can trim it down to get more life out of it.

The tools you’ll need include:

  • 1 lb of wax – paraffin or beeswax can be purchased from craft stores or online retailers
  • Warm water
  • A double boiler (two saucepans)
  • Wooden spoons or popsicle sticks
  • A small funnel       
  • Glass containers to make your candle(s) in (jars, tin cans, etc.)

Prepare the container for the candle

The next thing you need to do once you have all your supplies is prepared the candle’s container. A glass jar with a metal lid works great for this. Using a jar should be washed out and dried thoroughly before use. Make sure there are no extra pieces that will fall into the wax or wick later on, like syrup or any other form of residue. The inside should be spotless and dry and the outside, so that moisture does not seep into it while being heated up.

Next, take a piece of paper and trace the container onto it. Make sure you include any bumps or uneven surfaces that may cause problems later. If using a tin can, for example, you would need to make sure your paper is big enough to cover the entire top and at least 2 inches around all sides (to be safe).

Remove the wax from the package

The next step is to remove the wax from the package and place it into a small pot or metal bowl. Add one cup of water and dissolve it by placing it over medium heat. Once dissolved completely, take off the burner and set aside. Fill up your larger pan with 1/8″ high water (if using paraffin); otherwise, leave empty if not using paraffin wax. You must have enough water in the pan so your glass container won’t break while being heated. To be extra safe, a double boiler can be used by placing a smaller pot inside a larger one with water.

This will prevent any burns from the heat from getting onto your hands and arms while handling the containers. Place the glass container into the larger pan and lower it down to an area where it is completely submerged into the water (about 1″ high) but not touching anything on the bottom of the pan (you don’t want to crack or damage it).

Place another saucepan on top of it

Once you’ve done that, place another saucepan on it and add your wax mixture inside. You can now turn up your burner and start heating until you get to 200°F (100°C). From there, you can drop the heat down to low-medium for 30 minutes until your wax turns into a clear-yellow color. You may need to adjust or remove the top pan when it is in reach of 140°F (60°C) so you don’t overheat it. Once it has reached 200°F (100°C), take off the lid and place it back on the burner at high heat for another 20 minutes, or until you get to 250°F (121°C).

At this point, you usually move your jar around with some wooden spoons/popsicle sticks placed underneath it to keep it from sticking onto the bottom of the pan. This will also cause all excess wax that is collected on top.

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Is producing candles profitable?

Making candles for a living might be quite lucrative. In addition to having a cheap entry cost, the candle manufacturing market is anticipated to grow to around $5 billion by 2026. People adore candles, and they will probably be purchasing them for a very long time.

Business of Candles 

Candles are a fantastic way to make money. Whether you are doing it as a side job or have decided to turn it into your total time income, there are several ways that you can go about setting up for this business.

First thing first, if you haven’t already done so, you will want to decide on the type of candle you would like to produce and sell. There are hundreds of different kinds available; the most straightforward way is probably just by choosing what scents you like (if they don’t already exist). You could also consider other things such as how much time you have, where the customers would be coming from etc.

Once these decisions have been made, start searching around to find suppliers. There are many manufacturers and producers worldwide that you could deal with, so don’t be afraid to ask around, call up or even email different companies to get prices and quotes.

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