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Who Is Steve Harvey? And How Much Is Steve Harvey Worth? All The Info About Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

Steve is a talented actor who has worked in different movies and television series. His most popular appearance on TV includes his role in “Little Big Shots” which was released last year. Steve’s fans are quite excited about this show as they enjoy watching him perform on different stages with children.

He looks completely different while working on television shows. However, he maintains the same wonderful personality during his live performances. Despite all of his achievements, Steve remains down-to-earth and humble person throughout his career who loves spending time with family members and friends.

Life Style

Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American television host and comedian with film Production Company and shows like family feud and Steve Harvey’s fun headquarters. He also hosts Emmy award winning game show celebrity family feud on abs that premiered in April 2016 as well as host of talk show for abc daytime that started airing June 2017. Steve was formerly known for his popular radio program which led to hosting miss universe pageant from 2015-2016.

He has made appearances on numerous movies and television series such as ” barbershop “, ” snl “, ” happy homework’s day “, ” the tends of life “, and ” little big shots “. Latest debut on TV was his guesting at Ellen DeGeneres show to announce winner on miss universe 2016 on January 30, 2017. Two days later, Steve hosted national live tour of miss universe in Philippines on February 2 with half up stage production by assi Stanton who is known for her work with Jennifer Lopez.


On February 4, 2017 he announced five contestants for miss universe pageant which will be broadcasted live from Mohammed Ali Bouali hall – mall of emirates arena in Dubai. This would mark first time since 2005 that no United States representative at miss universe pageant.

On April 26, 2017 Steve hosted live show of celebrity family feud for its summer run with 20 episodes to be aired on ABC. The next year will mark twenty years since 2003 that he was hosting miss universe pageant which he also produced from 1996-2002 and has been co-owner of rights since 2002 until now.

What is the year when Steve Harvey become rich?

In the year of 1990, Steve took part in a comedy competition and he won it. This success makes him rich and famous too. After that Harvey became much fame in people. Now in present Harvey is a demanding personality in Hollywood.


Steve Harvey is a native of Elgin, Illinois born on January 17th, 1957 to his parents Vernon and Benita Harvey who raised him along with six other siblings in Elgin he attended st Thomas seminary high school for four years before graduating from Elgin’s east high school in 1975 at age eighteen years old during this time his very first jobs were as a janitor and a furniture mover.

He attended college at um-Elgin where he studied engineering for three years before switching majors to mass communication. During his first year as a freshman in college, Steve won an audition over 300 other students to become the host of a late night comedy show which aired on campus television station, cable 10. Additionally, he created another student show that focused on issues confronting the African American community entitled “us.”


After graduating from college, Steve worked as a salesman at record company Geffen records and also performed at amateur night contest at Palm Beach nightclub four nights a week under the name “Charlie starburst”. It was there that he realized he could make a career out of making people laugh.

Asking not to be moved from the show, he worked his way up the ranks at channel 10 until becoming news anchor for six years. During this time, Steve enrolled in night courses of broadcasting at York university college of Toronto where he graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism.

After realizing that anchoring was not exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, Steve accepted an offer as host of wbzt-tv’s “America’s first comedy home”. Shortly after joining channel 10, Harvey began hosting celebrity sweepstakes on wcFL-TV in Tampa bay before moving on to wshg-TV, channel 58. It was there that he became popular hosting live teenage dance shows.

Net Worth

Steve’s first breakthrough as a comedian came when he was asked to host ralph keen’s new talent show which led him being offered his very own Sunday night variety television program, “Steve Harvey show” from 1995-2001.

In 2001, Steve accepted the offer to become the host and executive producer for Family Feud which gave him national exposure and major success that followed; during this time he became one of the highest paid TV personalities in America with an estimated salaries per year is $100 million alongside oprah win Frey who also appeared on family feud as a team captain in 2008 season. After 5 years as host of family feud, Steve signed off as host of America’s favorite game show on September 20, 2006.

In 2008, Steve returned to his hosting roots as host and executive producer of Miss Universe pageant telecast; it was later announced that he would also produce and host Miss USA telecast resulting in his taking over both pageants from 2007-2015 for broadcast on NBC where the viewership grew substantially compared to previous years’ airing on abc. During this time span he also served as executive producer for Steve Harvey’s Big Time which aired at the winter mid-season of 2010 replacing Arsenio Hall Show and closed after thirteen episodes due to poor ratings.

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Steve has been involved with several other television projects:

He hosts the show “Family Feud”. Steve has won many awards including four Emmy Awards held by African-American personalities who have hosted syndicated television shows. These include the three times Daytime Emmy Award for his talk show and two for his game show. According to Forbes Magazine estimate, Steve’s total net worth as of December 2012 was $100 million with annual income of $60 million.

His most popular hosting roles are in Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud which is quite popular among viewers around the world. His outstanding live performance skills have made him one of the highest paid celebrities in America. The famous comedian earns around $20 million from his hosting roles and a few other appearances in different shows. He was able to establish a huge net worth of $100 million within a short period of time because he is the most talented comedian with great live performance skills.

Steve’s partnership contracts have also increased his income which includes his work for Sears, Hyundai and various others. He has recently announced that he will return as the host of Miss Universe on January 2017 following its move from NBC to Fox after its original Spanish language broadcaster Uni-vision dropped it due to Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign.

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