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How Can a Pool Closing Service Help You Close Your Pool in Winters?

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The autumn season is already underway, and winter is getting closer. It’s time to give your pool its final cleaning and cover for the season. You may have been putting off closing your pool for the season. Nevertheless, there is no more time! We propose you hire a pool closing service to assist you rather than attempting to fit shutting your pool in amongst all other private and business duties. These experts will safeguard your swimming pool in the most effective manner possible so that it will require the smallest amount of upkeep after you get it reopened.

Ways How Pool Closing Services are Helpful?

Here are some ways a pool closing service can help you!

  1. Cleaning dirt:

You may expect your seasonal pool closing service to begin with a thorough pool cleaning. Specialists will scrub the pool’s sides and bottom with a pool brush on a telescopic pole to ensure no spot is missed. Any fungus present will be loosened and easier to remove with a vacuum after this. It will also cause any blossoms in the process of opening to be more susceptible to the toxins used in treatment. After completely sweeping the pool, technicians will scrape the water’s surface, empty the skimmer, and drain the sieve baskets. 

  1. Cleansing filter:

Techs wash the filter media by backwashing it before you shut it off. A filter cleansing is an option you may add on. This can be done whenever it is convenient for you, not just at the closing but even in the offseason (winter or early spring) before the pool is opened. When spring rolls around next year, and it’s ready to operate the pool, this will be a huge help.

  1. Draining lines:

To assist you in avoiding costly repairs due to frozen pipes, the seasonal pool closing services will empty your pool’s lines. The pump and heater in a pool will all have a valve that may be unscrewed to drain any excess water. The expert who services your pool will remove the fluid from this apparatus. They will also empty the pool and dry off the piping and accessories. The drain clamps will be stored in the pumping basket for the winter to prevent them from going missing.

  1. Adding chemicals:

A competent pool closure company will do water analysis and balancing, then introduce winterizing chemicals to ensure your pool is pristine and clear throughout winter. Typically, a phosphorus extractor is used to combat algae. To avoid the accumulation of ions or salts in the water, technicians may also use chemicals designed to remove stains and scale.

  1. Getting rid of contaminants:

Striking the pool utilizing oxidizers eliminates organic impurities in the water and effectively kills germs and algal spores, as your pool expert knows. A few weeks before you drain and cover your pool, experts will shock it. Otherwise, they will use non-chlorine shock to disinfect the water before shutting it. They will regulate the chloride level in the pool before closing it after aftershock and chlorination.

  1. Covering the pool:

You can choose from a variety of pool cover styles. For example, safety coverings fixed into the adjoining deck offer maximum security from inadvertent intrusions and winter storms.

On the contrary, winter coverings are not designed to prevent people or animals from falling into the pool because they are not tightly secured. Heavy water sacks or winter covering blockers are used to keep the cover in place, although this is not ideal because it causes the edges to buckle.

Always Hire a Professional from Pool Closing Georgia for Pool Closing and Opening Services!

Choose Pool Cleaning Georgia if you want an experienced professional to close your pool for the winter. When spring arrives, you can be confident that our highly skilled technicians will have your pool in pristine shape. We offer all the pools and bath services you might require, from openings and closings to corporate pool inspections, so come to us for all your pool and spa needs. Get in touch with our staff right now for skilled pool closing services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should a pool be closed?

The chlorine contents in the pool reaching unsafe levels, either because of a careless chemical excess or because the pool was shocked, are the most prevalent cause of calling out to emergency swimming pool closing services.

What happens if you don’t close your pool?

Pipes, heaters, filters, skimmers, and similar pool equipment that contain water can all be damaged by freezing temperatures if any residual moisture remains in them after draining the pool.

Can we close the pool without cleaning it?

Even though it appears to be the path of least resistance, it is not! It is in your best interest to leave your pool as pristine as possible before closing it. Even water that is only 50 degrees can support the growth of algae. There is a 100% chance that your pool will be green when you reopen it, and it will take significantly more maintenance than it would have had you shut it clean.

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