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Tips to Find an Experienced IT Consultant for Your Business


Over the years, the demand for the best IT consultants has reduced increased significantly. These analysts evaluate the IT system of a business can help meet business objectives. Their duties include analyzing and diagnosing the current IT infrastructure, understanding the business needs, and then designing and implementing a suitable tech solution.

Are you searching for one for your mortgage business? Since it’s a sensitive role and you must find the most competent candidate for this role, it makes sense to hire the services of an IT or mortgage staffing agency that can help source the right candidate.

In addition to professional assistance, it’s always useful to be prepared with some tips. Here are some tips to consider as you look for IT consultants online:

1: Check for Relevant Experience in Your Niche

Nearly every company is going to need an IT consultant, even the small ones. If not right now, definitely in the future. When searching for an IT consultant, you must remember that a consultant who is experienced in working with Fortune 500 companies won’t be the right fit for the needs of a small business company.

Let’s continue the example of the mortgage business here too. The right IT consultant for your company would be the one who has experience in the mortgage industry. While ensuring that the consultant has the right experience it’s also important that they have experience in your business size.

2: Always Request Work Samples

You can’t just rely on words when it comes to hiring an IT consultant or any other role. It’s always best to see actual work done to determine if the candidate is worth it. See what projects they have worked on and get a sense of their work quality.

Previous work samples are a good indicator of what you can expect from the candidate, their strengths and weaknesses. If work samples are not available, references and recommendations work too.

3: Certifications and Accreditations Help

After the experience, the next quality you need to check in an IT consultant is industry accreditations and certifications. If they have mentioned these accreditations on their resume, ask if they are up to date as most software certifications have an expiration period.

You can also ask if the candidate has membership in professional organizations. It’s a sign that the candidate is committed to their professional development and wants their expertise to remain relevant.

4: Do a Reference Check

To be extra sure about the candidate, you can always do a reference check. Usually, the best consultants are referred by someone. But let’s say you have to hunt down the candidate on your own. Always check their references. Call their previous boss and ask them about their work ethics and attitude. Do ask about the situation when they had an emergency and how the consultant handled the situation. If a consultant is not willing to share their client list, this is a red flag.

5: Test Their Communication Skills

The consultant needs to be able to convey the information to not just his team but also to your company’s management. Since the job of an IT consultant demands them to be business savvy, they need to be savvy communicators too. If that’s missing, you can’t really move forward with the said candidate.

Your business needs the type of candidate who is competent in both technical and business settings. Just interviewing the candidate is not enough to judge their communication skills. Give them a scenario where they have to convince the management to make a curial business decision. If it goes well, you have found your person!

6: Ask About Their Confidentially Policy

Some consultants work as sub-contractors. If that’s the case, they could be working for your competitor. It’s a small world so you have to be certain that your business secrets aren’t shared with competitors. To combat this, ask if they are willing to sign a confidential agreement. This way, they are legally bound and they can’t share confidential information with anyone. You will be certain that your company’s information is in safe hands.

7: Hand Them the Offer

Did everything go great and do you feel like you have found the right person? Go ahead and present them with your finest offer! Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to terms and conditions and send then over the contract.

Summing Up

Be prepared to interview a bunch of candidates back and forth. Sometimes without the help of a human resource department that specializes in practicing the best talent acquisition strategies, it’s impossible to source talent. Therefore, if you don’t an in-house HR, don’t be afraid to hire the services of a staffing agency. They will do the legwork for you while you focus on your business.  

Don’t work with consultants who are difficult to book an appointment with. Take it as a sign that they are busy with our clients and might not be able to give your business their undivided attention. If you’re not sure about someone, move forward to the next one.

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