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Discover Dubai’s Uncovered Beautiful Beach Spots to Enjoy Weekends

Beautiful Beach Spots

With a coastline that runs for miles, the best public beaches in Dubai range from simple (sun, sand, and sea) to ultra-luxurious (sun, sand, and sea) in the experiences they give. Some of the beaches are private, while most are public and free. But each is beautiful. So, if you have a Dubai tourist visa and plan on visiting, here’s a list of beautiful beach spots to enjoy weekends: 

The Kite Beach 

Near Al Manar Road junction is the famous Kite Beach. The beach hosts huge crowds and they mostly have water sports and kitesurfing on their mind. Hence the name, Kite Beach. This is the best beach in Dubai for family, with tourists flocking here all year round. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to kite surf or just fly a kite as this beach is quite windy and you are bound to have a great time.  

Jumeirah Beach 

Dubai’s sunny beaches attract crowds from all around the world owing to the beauty of the Persian Gulf. Along with this, Jumeirah Beach is also famed for its powder-white sand. The soft fine granules allow one’s feet to sink into sand immediately. One gets to see the Burj Al Arab as the hotel is built on the coastline of Dubai. Individuals can also enjoy the tram ride from Marina Walk to JBR. Jumeirah Beach is also one of the best beaches in Dubai for swimming during the month of November as the water is just right. 

Burj Beach 

Another amazing beach that also happens to be one of the best free beaches in Dubai is Burj Beach. Located at Umm Suqeim 3, enjoy the cool and smooth sand padding by the feet, and the quiet hints of waves lingering in the atmosphere. Here you can find their ideal spot by the shoreline and enjoy the evening. Individuals who enjoy adventure sports can rent a surfing board and enjoy the waves. There are many shacks by the beach where one can enjoy a juice or coffee and relax after the exercise.  

JBR Beach

The best beach to visit in Dubai that nobody should miss is the JBR Beach. The JBR or the Jumeirah Beach Residence is an ideal location that’s settled on the Dubai Marine facing the Persian Gulf. The prime waterfront group highlights over thirty elevated towers, including fancy private properties and world-class boutique hotels. The views from this beach are just too stunning and one can spend an enjoyable time just getting lost in the views. 

Marina Beach

Situated along the Walk at JBR is the Marina Beach. Talk of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai, and Marina Beach’s name comes up. This is a place where one can sit back and have a good time in the summer. What’s more is that people can rent a boat if they wish to go on a cruise, and there is a jogging track for individuals to jog or stroll. There also is a cycling track for those who prefer to cycle over jogging. At the nearby JBR, there are many activities that are fun and exciting.   

Sunset Beach

Another excellent beach worth mentioning is Sunset Beach, which is also called the Umm Suqeim Beach. It is by far one of the most crowded beaches in Dubai but irrespective of that it is still a must-visit beach. Known for its beauty and enchanting surroundings the beach provides onlookers with a direct view of the Burj Al Arab. The beach has a short shoreline, but is connected to a lot of places and is easily accessible. The beach is perfect for strolls, jogs, and as well as just watching the sunset. Individuals who enjoy swimming can do the same at night thanks to this light equipment. Also, the beach is always safe and supervised by lifeguards.

Dubai has opened up for tourism and is inviting everybody so get your passport and Dubai visas ready to enjoy long weekends and travel though some of the best tourist places in Dubai, and be sure to plan a trip to one of the many best public beaches to visit in Dubai. 

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