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Business OCR – A Complimentary Technology for Document Verification

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application to convert handwritten to text vector

In the digital age when the rates of financial crimes are increasing with the passage of time. Trusting others is really difficult. However, trust is mandatory for business partnerships and acquiring financial services from financial firms. The latest technology has innovation and advanced features that can be perplexing for the consumers. 

This raises huge trust issues for the clients because they are fearful of the unknown. In this context, it is mandatory for companies and financial organizations to adhere to KYC compliances and demand personal data from clients. Clients’ data is important in their identity verification but it is equally important how the information is obtained. If the company used an efficient business OCR, it surely extracted information efficiently and categorize it correctly in the database. 

Business OCR – ID Document Verification as a Security Protocol

Financial institutions implement document authentication as a means to verify the identities of their clients. It ensures seamless customer onboarding and a joyful experience. Correct data extraction through a business OCR helps gain valuable insights from the data which facilitates customizing the products and services for the consumers. 

Business OCR technology is in agreement with the latest KYC regulations. The automatic process is a great help for companies because the manual procedure took a lot of time and gave error-prone results. These days OCR recognition service is everywhere but one thing that can hinder its capabilities is the lack of standardization of records from different countries. The diversity of templates can be an issue for the software and then create a coherent profile of every client. 

KYC Authentication through Business OCR Technology

Business OCR technology and ID document verification service work in harmony to ensure a frictionless experience for clients. The assistance from artificial intelligence makes the real time OCR system more robust than before. It can handle the diversity of languages in the documents efficiently with a built-in template matching approach. 

For customer identity verification, the OCR software easily captures personal data from the documents and organizes it correctly in the database. In reality, the process works by converting images to machine-friendly format. Therefore, OCR technology is used by various companies to handle their customers and document identity verification procedures. 

which are part of the KYC authentication system. Business OCR can easily extract information from drivers’ licenses, passports, bills, and debit cards. In document verification, the software usually captures information like SSID whereas in client identity verification it extracts the date of birth, nationality, country of origin, and the full name of the customer. 

Business OCR: Perks and Benefits from the Real Time OCR for the Modern Industries

OCR procedure can also extract information from the MRZ codes that have multiple lines, diverse characters, and spaces. The codes are usually available at the bottom of the passports which play an important role in the comparison of customers’ data. 

The combination of document verification with business OCR technology helps companies use their resources efficiently. A smooth customer onboarding process means a better customer experience and long-term maintenance of the customer base. Moreover, the automation features reduce error in the outcomes which enables businesses to elevate their productivity levels. 

More Speed

The advanced business OCR system is so much better than the manual process because it has automation, reduced time consumption, and higher accuracy levels. Companies that do not employ such advanced technologies end up losing their customers due to frustrating identity and document verification processes. 

Better Storage Capacity

Among many challenges that businesses face, the collection and processing of clients’ data are big problems. Another issue is that they must secure their client’s data in a safe database. The beauty of the business OCR system is that it provides effective control over the information by converting it into client-friendly formats for better searchability (e.g. .PDF/.DOC). This is facilitative because there is no paperwork involved from the beginning of the procedure. The retention of the data is also under the control of the company. So, they can keep it as long as they want. 

  • Lower Costs

OCR technology eliminates manual effort from the procedure. In this way,  a company can complete the job without the need for too many employees. In such a  manner, the organization is saving costs in short term and long term. Hence, the company can use the resources on other priority projects. 

Final Remarks

In a nutshell, it is important that businesses opt for the relevant service for effective document verification. The advanced business OCR technology can easily integrate with mobiles and web cameras to provide accurate results. The frictionless experience ensures a positive customer experience and higher conversion rates. 

The OCR software also adjusts images for dim light to give quality output. Paperwork is a repetitive task for almost every organization. OCR service can facilitate companies by automating this task. The OCR technology can extract information from documents having diverse languages with high accuracy.