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3 Understated Rules of Banner Printing & Design for Real Estate Agencies


For almost 18 months, the global real estate industry didn’t invest too heavily in marketing. Why? The uncertainty caused by the COVID19 pandemic prevented real estate companies from investing in expensive marketing outlets. Thankfully, those days are over. The sector’s finances are improving. Real estate agencies are creating new “marketing mixes” to promote their brands.

In the UK alone, the real estate industry generated £68.6 billion in profits in 2021. How did the most successful real estate companies increase their bottom line so dramatically? One of the tools they used was strategic marketing. 

The Importance of Strategic Marketing for Real Estate Agencies  

Real estate marketing is a science that goes back to the time when the buying/selling of property first began. Experienced real estate agents combine both new and old-school marketing techniques to boost their brand presence. In this era of financial and social uncertainty, top real estate agencies are using tried-and-tested, old-school, marketing techniques again.

Printed marketing materials are on the rise again. They’re installing banners and billboard ads to keep their brands relevant in specific locations. Since high-quality banners stay intact for several years, they give real estate agencies high returns on their initial marketing investments. One banner can secure thousands of impressions for a real estate agency in less than one week.

But, of course, not all banner ads perform well. The real estate agencies that benefit the most from banner printing follow some basic design rules.Banners only get one chance to make a strong first impression on a target customer. Here are three banner design rules that make these promotional items stand out –

Rule #1: Maintain a Simple Layout

A medium-sized banner will offer enough print space for you to custom-print extensive details about your business. But, that doesn’t mean real estate agents should do it. Keeping the banner simple, clutter-free, and on point is a far better decision. That’s because –

  • Simple, clean layouts make banners easily “scannable.”
  • The average consumer won’t spend any more than 7 seconds staring at your banner.
  • Make the most of these few seconds by highlighting only the essential details about your brand, products, etc.

Use a limited number of pictures.Limit the text to a few lines. Only use one or two fonts on the banner. Never print huge walls of text in your banner ads. Use whitespaces and careful letter spacing to make the banner pleasant & easy to scan for your target customers.

Rule #2: Use High-Definition Images

Banners with blurry images or images of properties shot from weird angles will never attract the eyes of target customers. You must fill up your banner’s layout with high-resolution images of the properties under your real estate agency’s control. Avoid using stock photos or photos that don’t serve any purpose.

Rule #3: Strategic Copy Placement

In terms of lines of text on banner ads, less is always more. Only mention basic property details and features on the banners. Use compelling, witty, but short descriptions to inform customers about your agency’s offerings. Use these 3 rules to take your real estate agency’s banner ads to the next level!