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The Best Accounting Firms in India for Start-ups

The Best Accounting Firms

Did you know that around 90 per cent of start-ups fail in India within the initial five years? Well, most of them fail to succeed due to cash flow problems. That’s a staggering fact. However, many start-ups succeed in becoming unicorns and establishing successful brands. Effectively managing the books of accounts and finances is a common trait among all these firms. However, keeping a dedicated accounting & finance team to manage the books can be costly. Most small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to spend significantly on peripheral processes. Therefore, hiring good accounting firms in India becomes a cost-effective alternative. Let’s take a quick look at the best accounting firms in India for start-ups.

Why do start-ups need to hire an accounting firm?

Hiring a reliable accounting firm can help start-ups reduce their workload and focus on core tasks. Outsourcing accounting tasks can help them benefit from the knowledge and expertise of professionals. It is a cost-effective way to manage important accounting and financial tasks. The employees working in the start-up will have more time to focus on the key areas, which will boost their productivity. In addition, the best accounting firms in India leverage the newest technology to do the work, making the output more accurate. 

Best accounting firms in India for start-ups 

A majority of start-ups are bootstrapped and have limited funding. Even those that gain additional funding from investors have to use the amount judiciously. Therefore, they don’t have a massive budget for peripheral tasks. This is why choosing a firm that caters to a wide range of companies and has customised packages is essential. Here is a list of the best accounting firms in India for start-ups that offer cost-effective accounting services.

  1. AKM Global 

Founded in 1981, AKM Global is a leading CA firm that caters to domestic and international clients. It employs the most talented professionals from accounting, finance and law backgrounds to serve clients in the best possible manner. It offered various accounting and finance-related services to start-ups and established businesses. Some of the most prominent service offerings include audit and assurance, accounting, tax & regulatory, valuations, mergers & acquisitions, business incorporation, corporate finance, and market strategy consulting. It has completed three decades in accounting and serves clients in over 35 nations. AKM Global is known for its customer-centric approach and cost-effective services. Start-ups can totally rely on AKM to produce quality output and excellent customer service.  

  1. Sahni Natrajan & Bahl (SNB)

Sahni Natrajan & Bahl, also known as SNB, is an Indian accounting firm established in 1981. It specialises in delivering audit, consulting, accounting and allied services to a diverse clientele. It caters to every client’s unique and distinctive needs and is known to have a customer-centric approach. Start-ups in India can consider SNB for their managing their books. 

  1. SS Kothari Mehta & Company 

Another important name in the Indian accounting space that serves businesses of different statures is the SS Kothari Mehta & Company. It has been in this industry since 1971 and has a robust PAN India presence with offices in New Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai. The list of service offerings includes audit & assurance, business advisory, accounting and business support, etc.

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