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Myths About Hiring Electric Vehicle Charger Installation In Glendale CA

Electric Vehicle Charger
electric vehicle charger installation in Glendale CA

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation is a growing industry and with good reason. Not only are Electric Vehicles emissions-free, but they also can cost less to operate than traditional vehicles. So why isn’t this growing industry getting more attention? A few myths about getting Electric vehicle charger installation in Glendale CA could keep businesses from jumping on the bandwagon. Let’s take a look at what these myths are and how to avoid them.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Glendale CA  takes time to charge

Most people think charging an electric vehicle (EV) takes a long time. It is not true. The average charge time for an EV is about two hours. It takes so long to charge an EV because the typical household outlet can only provide around 3 kW of power. That’s about the energy needed to run a microwave or a small light bulb. You’ll need a special charger to deliver up to 7 kW of power to charge an EV using a standard wall outlet. If you have access to a fast-charging station, your charge time will be significantly shorter. Lighting installation services in Anaheim CA can give you a full charge in 30 minutes.

Evs Are Best For Home Users

Electric vehicles only work when the owner can charge them at home. It is not always the case; many people now rely on public charging stations. But, some people still believe that EVs only work for people who can charge at home. It means your car can be charged in around two hours using this charging station.

An EV Charger Is Hard To Use

Electric Vehicle Chargers are easy to use. Most chargers have an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to connect your vehicle and start charging. Plus, most chargers have features that allow you to monitor your charging progress and adjust your settings as needed. If you’re having difficulty using your charger, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the manufacturer or a charging expert.

An Abundance Of Fast-Charging Stations Are Needed

A fast charger is not for those that have an electric vehicle. A fast charger is great for anyone needing to top off their battery quickly. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. We often need to charge our battery, but our car just can’t do so. It is where a fast charger comes in handy. A lighting installation services in Anaheim CA can help to charge our battery much faster than we would if we were using a regular charging station.

Evs Require Daily & Extensive Charging

Charging, but not as often as you think. Range anxiety is real and charging stations are spread far apart. EVs only require a few hours of charging per day to reach 80% charge.

EV chargers can be installed in any corner or garage, so your house can become a charging station. You also don’t need to worry about finding a place to plug in while you’re on the go; most workplaces have at least one EV charging spot.

We Need Charging Stations Everywhere

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are becoming necessary to help the environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Here are the top myths about hiring electric vehicle charging station installation.

While electric vehicle charging stations can be more expensive than traditional gasoline or diesel fueling stations, the long-term costs of ownership for an electric vehicle are lower. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, an electric car owner can expect to pay over its lifetime in fuel costs. It is why it’s important to have as many electric vehicle charging stations as possible in the United States to make the switch to electric vehicles more affordable for everyone.

While electric vehicles come with a higher initial cost, there are now a variety of affordable models available that offer great fuel economy.

Ev Is Not Got A Charge In The Rain

False. Charging an EV in rainy conditions is like charging any other electric vehicle. You’ll need to ensure your charging station has a waterproof seal and for lighting installation services in Anaheim CA. There are a few myths about hiring an electric vehicle charger installation. One is that charging an EV is expensive. Comparable gasoline fill-up would cost around $30.

Another myth is that electric vehicles don’t need to be recharged often. The reality is that most electric cars need to be recharged every 40 miles, just like gasoline cars. The only difference is that you’ll use less energy when charging your electric vehicle with solar or wind power.


Electric vehicle chargers can play an essential role in the success of electric vehicles. Drivers need access to a charge when needed, and a good electric vehicle charger can enable that. For your best charge HD Electric is the best option for you. 

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