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Workplace Dynamics and Why It Matters?


Ever wondered about the psychology of workplace dynamics? Do you understand the need for it and how it works? As per the World Health Organisation, work is good for mental health but a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems. Yes, as startling as this may be, it’s true. Read on to find out how workplace dynamics works. 

What is the need for healthy Workplace Dynamics? 

Workplace Dynamics are often ignored or overlooked by firms, as they are sucked into the rate race of profit-making. On the contrary, poor workplace dynamics, if not dealt with, can led to employee displeasure to a large extent.  It can make them feel less important or appreciated by the company. It does trigger burnout or invoke feelings of employee identity crises and dissatisfaction. However, not only do workplace dynamics create a holistic environment for the employees but should be cognizant of the worker’s personalities, styles of working and the professional relationships they build throughout. If workplace dynamics are taken care of, they can uplift the employee’s morale, contribute to their growth and enhance their efficiency.  Furthermore, research suggests that flexibility, autonomy and inclusion can drive employees’ happiness as well as appreciation from their managers can contribute to their well-being.

Things to avoid at workplaces

The workplace is a significant part of an employees’ life. Hence, negative dynamics, work-related conflicts and zero coordination can hamper a team’s productivity and well-being. The traits that should be avoided are as follows:  

Unequal distribution of work: It is undeniable how a few employees are burdened with overwork, who are left to finish the chores for extra hours, while others have comparatively less work allocated to them. Such an enterprise not only breeds bitterness among the other employees but even leaves the ones who have work, overburdened. Such an issue has to be dealt with with utmost care and supervision. Unbalanced workloads should to be avoided.

Ineffective communication: It is often noted that if the instructions are not communicated properly, then it does create a misunderstanding between people at the workplace. It’s advised that proper communication should be encouraged as it holds the key to successful projects. 

Improper use of language: It should be noted how disrespectful and derogatory language can be seen as unprofessional and rude between the employees, be it from the superiors or the subordinates. Nonetheless, disagreement should not be dealt with in an insulting manner. It should be settled privately and on a positive note. 

How to improve the workplace dynamics? 

Improving workplace dynamics demands the collective efforts of the team of employees and leaders to construct a more inclusive, collaborative and healthy space for all, which strengthens their shared goals and facilitates growth. In addition, it requires confident leaders, who can assert a strong work ethic, and work in a way that aims for the well-being of the employees. The reason is that they are real change markers and can make a certain impact on the entire team. For instance, the Women leadership program can help a leader work better and perform well with a team. Such a thing can surely help employees work better  and help them succeed in the long run. 

Prioritising mental health is of supreme importance. All employees should work together to make their workplace a healthy environment for all. Moreover, leaders should focus on motivating employees, dealing with them on a professional basis and appreciating them, when needed. Such is how workplace dynamics can be improved or strengthened. 

Embrace and cherish the workplace culture: To enhance workplace culture, employee engagement activities can be incorporated, which leverages the worker’s relationship and trust between them. Create a space that supports an employee’s success, accomplishment and health. 

Address work-related problems: If it comes to your notice that an employee is in a dire need of guidance, then help them to the best of your abilities. Encourage them to seek help and guidance as they need. This is how one can end up creating good workplace dynamics. 

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Workplace dynamics is an important factor, which allows the employees or the individuals to work with utmost efficiency, enhance productivity or adjust to the working styles while letting them reap the benefits of their good performance. Workplace dynamics in some way offer flexibility and help employees remain accountable for their work. 


  1. How can we maintain good dynamics among our team? 

 It is true that to be able to give helm an effective team, you need to help your employees while being encouraging, communicating clearly, have good coordination and respect for all. The equal division of labour is what can help the supervisors avoid work-based conflicts between the teams. 

  1. How can the workplace aim towards improving an employee’s mental health? 

We can improve the mental health of an employee, by treating them with respect, ensuring maximum flexibility and giving them good exposure. For instance, companies even incorporate employee assistance programs, providing benefits to mental healthcare and whatnot. 

Author:  Hansika  Bhardwaj

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