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With So Many Filters on Shaadi Apps, It’s Easier to Find Your Soulmate!

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In the last few years, we have seen an immense rise in the number of shaadi apps. All thanks to the unimaginable internet penetration in our country through which people are using shaadi apps to find their life partners. The rise in matchmaking apps hasn’t eliminated the traditional matchmaking methods. However, more and more people are tilting towards them because of one primary reason. 

And this reason is the option to find a compatible partner for themselves after funneling them through different preferences and filters. Yes, matchmaking apps allow users to put several kinds of filters to get in touch with the most compatible partner for them. Because let’s be honest, you cannot make a once-in-a-lifetime decision like marriage without knowing the person in and out. And when you are finding your partner through an app, these filters help you save time and get to your soulmate as early as possible. In a nutshell, filters on a Shaadi app help two like-minded people connect. 

In this article, we will talk about these filters and how they help people to find their soulmates. So, without any further ado, read on!

Different Filters on Shaadi & Matchmaking App that People Use 

Modern Shaadi apps have a wide range of filters such as height, religion, mother tongue, timeline within which they want to marry, annual income range, eating habits, political beliefs, etc. You can have a look at some of them below.

Interest and Hobbies: When people see a profile on a matchmaking or Shaadi app, many of them directly want to see what kind of interests and hobbies a person has. The reason: it helps them to get some idea about the person and then, they can decide whether s/he would be compatible with them or not. So, matchmaking apps let you see the hobbies, likes, dislikes, and interests of a person to make the process easier. 

Timeline for Settling Down: Some matchmaking apps also give users the option to put the timeline within which they are looking to settle down. Like if you are looking to settle down in the next 6 months, you would want someone on the app with the same timeline. This filter helps users a lot to match with the right people. 

Political Beliefs: Yes, you can also see the political beliefs on a person’s profile whether s/he is a liberal, conservative, etc. You might face difficulty living your whole life with a person who is opposite of your political ideology. So, you can choose this filer to choose the most compatible person as per your liking. 

Income Range: People like to spend their life with someone who is financially settled and aspire to become better at it. With the income range filter on the Shaadi app, you can see the general annual income of a person and decide whether it will be convenient for you or not. 

So, these are some of the most popular filters on matchmaking app that are making the partner-search process easier with each passing day. If you’ve heard about any other useful filter on matrimonial apps, you can tell us in the comments.

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