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Why is my SIM not provisioned


Got a new SIM card but still getting error notifications like “SIM not provisioned” could be very frustrating especially when you miss some important work related call, worry not since we are here with this comprehensive article to help you out in getting related issues resolved.

Before knowing what SIM is not provisioned error you should know the meaning of what is provision , it means to provide something, and so in case of SIM not provisioned it won’t be able to transfer information between the cellphone and your provider.

What does “SIM card not provisioned” mean?

It means that even though you have inserted a new sim card into your device it is still not working or viable to carry out your network services registered to the carrier’s network.

A SIM provisioning error could be a carrier side issue, due to a damaged SIM slot or that can be the SIM card itself.

The SIM has a feature which enables the phone to be identified as yours on the mobile network ( due to the specific IMEI number allotted to you).

When you get a SIM card not provisioned mm2 error”, the faults could be related to:

You bought a new phone or installed a new SIM card.

You are transferring contacts to the new SIM card.

You’re network service provider’s server may be unavailable or down, and if you’re an iPhone user then the apple server also needs to be online.

Important: the error has been commonly associated with devices that are running on the Google fi network ( a combination of local network and wifi) on Google Pixel devices.

In the case of a dual SIM phone you may be specified clearly with the SIM at faulty as “SIM 1 not provisioned” or “SIM 2 not provisioned”, worry not just follow the steps below to fix it: 

👣Upadte carrier Services: in case when you haven’t swapped to a new device and still getting the prompt error of SIM not provisioned error MM#2 then it is an issue related to the carrier service, all you have to do is:

  1. Open Google Play app
  2. Tap on your profile avatar to open the menu
  3. Click on Manage apps and device
  4. Click on updates available and See details
  5. Check for Carrier Services
  6. Tap on update.

👣Try to switch off/on aeroplane mode:- 

The best possible way to fix this is to disable all of the network services and again switch on the aeroplane mode.

👣Try to restart your phone: 

 It may seem unlikely but rebooting your phone might get your SIM provisioned.

👣Correctly insert the SIM card:

If there is no issue with the network then it might be possible that your SIM card is ill-fitting may be because of an improperly cut SIM and a poorly designed SIM card slot.

In case of a removable battery try to take out the SIM with the help of a tweezers and clean it with a lint cloth, then relocate it as instructed with at most care.

👣Get r SIM card activated :

Usually it hardly takes 24 h, hours for a new SIM to get active, but even after that time period if you’re still having network issues try these:

  • Try to call the moderator
  • Send an SMS
  • Log on to the activation page on the network service provider’s website.

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I hope you will get the solution related to SIM not provisioned error. You need to read each and every information very carefully and follow it to fix your issues at a time. You will easily resolve your SIM not provisioned issues as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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