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Tricks to Improve Your Instagram Live Streaming


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, people have been forced to spend extended periods of time in isolation. Isolation brought with it increased use of social networking sites. However, for many people who are suffering from the effects of the pandemic, social networking has been their only way out. The connectedness element of social media is the most significant cause for this. While people were locked within walls of isolation, it brought the world together. While social networking streaming had been slowly gaining traction, the epidemic accelerated the process and increased the popularity of live streaming on social media sites.

However, with the increasing popularity of Instagram streaming, it’s also important to know how to stand out in the process.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best-curated engagement ideas for Instagram live streaming. Let’s start with the fundamentals.

What is Instagram Live Streaming?

The act of broadcasting any form of event or debate over an Instagram account is known as live streaming. This feature of all social media platforms, which was popularized by Facebook, has provided unrivalled business benefits to all types of businesses and individuals. The interactivity and involvement with the intended audience is what makes it a popular feature of social media. This not only connects out to a range of audiences, but it also helps users gain customer loyalty by establishing trust.

Let’s look at some engagement ideas for improving your Instagram live broadcasting.

10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Live Streaming More Engaging

1. Make a plan, prepare for it, and then practice it.

While the program or chat should not appear to be completely pre-planned, it is critical to developing a strategy when going online on the platform. It will not only assist you in ensuring the smooth implementation of the live broadcasting event, but it will also assist you in identifying and correcting any potential flaws. Begin preparing for a seamless dialogue during the event after you’ve planned the event flow. While planning helps ensure a smooth event flow, practising will ensure that your event is flawless and unforgettable. Another way to make compelling live streaming in the same scenario is to record videos while practising so that when you examine it, you can easily see and analyze whether the dialogue and presentation are engaging. For instance, you can see if the background is appealing or otherwise if the session’s flow is suitable or not if there is anything more you should also include or exclude, and so on.

2. Use Instagram to promote your live-streaming event.

Make a big deal out of not only your event’s live streaming but also your Instagram handle. Because you’re already live broadcasting your event, start by marketing this on the same social networking site.

Creating an official account, or introducing an intriguing hashtag if you have one already, is a wonderful and successful concept. You may also hold a competition to increase interaction and build excitement among your target audience. Extensive promotion combined with sound techniques will raise awareness of the worth of your Insta live stream while also encouraging people to tune in.

3. Determine the Most Suitable Live Streaming Platform

Another crucial step in ensuring participation at your event webcasting on Instagram is selecting the most appropriate and sophisticated live streaming platform. Although the industry is inundated with many live streaming service providers, selecting an effective platform will help your event stand out.

The most modern live streaming platform aids you in creating a fully personalized event and audience experience. While a straight Instagram live stream has no additional features, a skilled live broadcasting platform can supply you with a plethora of them.

4. Provide a Tailored Experience

Customization, as discussed in the last point, can work miracles for your Instagram live event broadcasting. As a result, make use of the webcasting platform’s feature to customize the background to match your event’s theme and preferences. Also, make sure the background isn’t too busy, as a simple design can be enough to capture the audience’s attention.

5. Bring in a Well-Known Social Media Influencer

Celebrity trends and practices are mostly in charge of social media platforms. Influencers also have millions of fans. As a result, you may effectively maximize your reach among the target audience by cooperating with a blogger with a significant following as a result of this approach.

6. Include Sessions That Are Fun

To guarantee that your community and live viewers have wonderful engagement levels at your Insta live streaming, including exciting entertaining workshops in between the event. Your participants and viewers will be regularly involved in the event if you include some entertainment.

7. Make it Participatory

Connectivity always has been a factor in the success of all types of online events, whether it’s a virtual meeting or live broadcasting on social media. One method that can effectively prevent your guests from being involved throughout the event is interactivity. As a result, add interactive platforms such as live surveys, emoticon responses, Q&A sessions, and so on. You can also respond to comments left on your Instagram handle. Inviting your audience to join the display and engage with them is another way to make your session more interesting.

8. Ensure you have a robust Internet connection.

Among the most important aspects of any virtual event is its ability to connect to the internet. A stuttering image can make your guests feel repelled by the occasion. It’s also possible that they’ll abandon the Instagram video broadcast. As a result, before going live, be sure the platform you chose has a good connection.

9. Include Multi-Format Content

Incorporate multi-format content into your Instagram live stream to increase engagement. Instead of merely posting an image, you could also include a video, slideshow, gif, or a popular meme to keep your audience interested.

10. Stick to a well-thought-out schedule

Lastly but not least, make a well-thought-out schedule for your live streaming and stick to it. The key is to keep your audience’s attention span in mind whether going or watching a live event. Throughout the event, provide mini-breaks to guarantee that your participants do not have a monotonous experience.

Inculcate these live streaming tips and we guarantee you a seamless Instagram Live Streaming Session.

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