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Top Instagram Style Tips to Transform Your Feed


Top Instagram Style Tips to Transform Your Feed

A good Instagram feed will be essential if you want to grow your Instagram account. Your Instagram feed is the first thing potential Instagram followers see when visiting your profile. An Instagram feed that is professional and well-curated can help you establish a strong brand identity and draw real Instagram followers.

Your Instagram feed should be consistent in appeal and designed to be visually pleasing. Instagram is a visual-oriented social media platform. Your content should be photo and video-heavy to make it stand out.

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What is the point of a good Instagram feed?

Instagram is a popular platform that influences consumer buying decisions. Instagram is used by many people, from influencers that promote sponsored products to actual sales through Instagram.

A good Instagram account is essential to reach large audiences, get more Instagram followers, and gain more likes. It would help if you kept your Instagram feed consistent with having an excellent meal.

This can be done in many ways. You can choose consistent colours, aesthetics, borders, typography, and many other options.

What makes a good Instagram feed?

There is no single way to create a great Instagram feed. There are many types of Instagram feeds. Different ideas, artistic choices, and influences can lead to different kinds of Instagram. However, they do share one thing: they all use the same principles to boost their feeds.

For example, almost every image on vibrant Instagram feeds will have bright, youthful colours. The content of a pastel-based feed will have softer colours. Monochrome dinners don’t feature colour. These feeds must be so that they look consistent and good.

How do you style your Instagram feed?

You don’t have a pre-designed profile when you first use your Instagram account. You have the freedom to upload any visual content, edit it, add your filter and then upload it.

This is fine for user profiles. However, it’s not a good idea for business profiles. Anyone looking to grow an Instagram following, including influencers and brands, should consider how they present themselves.

Instagram is a social media platform that has established itself as a significant player with billions of active users and a large user base. It is also a highly competitive platform, with many businesses competing for consumers’ attention. Your Instagram feed should be the place you start if you want your profile to stand out.

It’s the first thing your customers will see when they visit your profile. This is the first impression that matters.

Here are some tips for styling your Instagram feed.

1. Choose Your Aesthetic(instagram)

It is essential to consider your visual aesthetic carefully. It will be an integral part of your Instagram visual representation. The type of brand you have will determine the aesthetic you choose.

Your brand aesthetic describes how you want people to feel about your brand. Your brand aesthetic encompasses more than one aspect of your brand design. It is the overall impression you want people to have about your business. A profile that sells cakes will have a different brand aesthetic than one that promotes business values.

You will need to identify your industry and niche to understand your brand’s aesthetic. Which type of brand are you? What are you looking to grow your Instagram account? Are you looking for real Instagram followers? What goals is your Instagram account supposed to help?

Let’s say you want to increase website traffic and look to grow your Instagram account. In this instance, you can continue updating your Instagram Bio area to add new links to content that you want your Instagram followers to see. Add captions to direct them to your website. Your Instagram account could increase website activity.

Before you can convince an Instagram follower, they must like your feed. Consistent aesthetics limit what you can do but give you a brand identity.

2. Choose Your Colour(instagram) Palette

Your Instagram aesthetic will help you decide what your Instagram feed should look like. Your colour palette can help you to expand your aesthetic. This means that you can have multiple Instagram feeds with the same aesthetic.

Choose a pastel look for your feed, and pick pink and white as your core colours. A second profile could choose the same aesthetic but blue or grey as their core colours. Your profile will look utterly different from theirs. Both profiles offer similar aesthetic options.

Your brand’s colours should be reflected in the colours you choose for your brand. Consider incorporating specific colours into your Instagram feed if you frequently use them in your branding and collateral designs. You should also include colours prominently featured on a brand’s logo.

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Your colour palette should not contain more than six colours. To ensure your content is consistent with your brand colours, you can refer back to your colour palette whenever you create a new post.

3. Consistent Editing

Quality visual content is a crucial focus of Instagram. Your visual content must be of the same quality to get real Instagram followers and Instagram Likes. It is not possible to rely on an unedited photo to compete with all the edited content on Instagram.

It is vital to make sure that your photos have the same vibe. It should appear as though they are naturally matched together on your Instagram feed. If your editing style changes from one picture to another, this consistency could be compromised. This can be avoided by using preset filters before posting your final content.

This ensures similar editing across all images and ensures your feed looks consistent.

4. Consider Grid Layouts

Grid layouts are how your Instagram feed appears in total. Your Instagram feed changes as you add new content. This allows users to navigate from one place to another quickly and effortlessly.

Business profiles should look professional at all levels. Grid layouts are one way to achieve professionalism. Your style will determine how your profile layout looks.

There are many layout options available. Popular puzzle layouts are pretty standard. This layout uses a single picture that is split into smaller images. The smaller photos are combined to give the illusion of a larger image. This can be done across two grids. However, many brands prefer to use nine blocks for the puzzle layout.

A rainbow layout allows you to choose to be more varied with your colour palette. This layout requires that you change your colour palette every nine pictures. You can vary from one colour to the next, such as blue-based visual content changing to red. It can make subtle changes, such as switching from red to pink or violet to purple.

You can also consider other layouts. Checkerboard layouts use one dark and one lighter picture in an alternate arrangement.

5. Videos are just as important

Videos are a great way to give your Instagram account more attention. You can attract real Instagram followers by combining video-based and graphic content. Instagram growth is not only determined by photos but also by videos.

The videos you create can be uploaded directly to your Instagram feed or used in Stories or Reels. You want your Stories and Reels to reflect your Instagram feed’s design. Your account will stand out if you create videos that reflect your brand aesthetic.

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