Top 7 Tips to Choose the Correct Folding Door for Your Balcony

    Top 7 Tips to Choose the Correct Folding Door for Your Balcony
    Top 7 Tips to Choose the Correct Folding Door for Your Balcony

    In addition to being the silent guardian of your home, exterior doors also help you to stay connected to the outside world.  Installing a door for your balcony is an effective way to keep the balcony separate from the indoors without cutting off the space from the main house.

    Folding doors are a great option for your balcony, especially if you are seeking an aesthetically appealing and convenient way to access the balcony. The doors are effective in maintaining privacy while also allowing a better inflow of natural light and improving ventilation.

    Investing in a good quality folding door for the balcony can offer the advantage of a precise design combined with advanced engineering. The doors feature a series of movable panels that offer easy functionality and are a space-saving solution to separate the interiors from the balcony. Apart from being extremely flexible, innovative, and stylish, the folding doors are also very secure. 

    We suggest you go through the below-given tips for choosing the correct folding door for your balcony.

    Security Features

    You should ensure that the folding doors you choose are fitted with a multi-point locking system. The intermediate handles should also have quality locking systems.  The presence of shoot bolts, that help in locking the doors at the top and the bottom, should also be checked.

    Also, it is advisable to opt for folding doors that can be customized with innovative safety tools such as a laser security system. These systems have an in-built alarm that goes off in case the glass is shattered or the folding door is forcibly opened/closed. 

    Weather Performance

    A folding door for balcony will be constantly exposed to various external elements such as wind, water, heat, and dust. So, choosing a door with a high level of weather performance is a wise decision. The buyers should ensure that the doors have been tested for optimum performance against constant exposure to wind, noise, sound, and air.

    TOSTEM INDIA is a renowned housing product manufacturer and the only company offering folding doors featuring innovative and patented TEXGUARD technology designed for enhanced surface protection. The technology helps to protect the door surfaces from the damaging effects of wind, heat, water, and moisture. 

    Glass Tinting

    Folding doors often have large glass panels with a wide variety of tinting options.  Choosing the most appropriate tinting option is essential to enhance the visual appeal of the doors and make them better suited to match your unique needs. The tinting can impact the level of soundproofing, protection from UV rays, and even the temperature regulation of the interiors. 

    Buyers may choose from single, double, or even triple-coated tinted glass. TOSTEM INDIA offers folding doors with anodized coated glass. The coating is further refined with the TEXGUARD technology to make the doors heat-resistant and weatherproof. 

    Ease Of Installation

    Another important factor that buyers need to consider while choosing the right folding door for balcony is the ease of installation. These doors are not as simple to install as the conventional doors and require professional assistance.

    This is why TOSTEM INDIA offers high-quality pre-engineered doors manufactured to match global standards. The doors are designed and fabricated to ensure easy assembly and installation by the buyers themselves.   

    Door Frame Hardware

    The quality of the door frame hardware goes a long way in enhancing its life and durability.  It also minimizes the maintenance needs of the doors besides making them easy to handle and operate. Aluminium is the material of choice for door frames as it is lightweight and has great strength. 

    With TOSTEM INDIA, you can enjoy the benefit of high-quality and sturdy door frames crafted from aluminium. The folding doors offered by the company are weather-resistant, have a smooth and shiny look while also offering great operational precision. 

    Energy Efficiency

    One of the key reasons behind choosing folding doors for the balcony is to enhance the overall energy efficiency of the house. Folding doors offer better sealing and prevent drafts or leaks from getting through under the door frame.  This helps to trap the indoor heat better during winters and also eliminates any chances of hot air gushing in during warm summer months. 

    The best folding doors, like the ones offered by TOSTEM INDIA, come fitted with rubber sealing around the door frame. This ensures better thermal insulation which, in turn, results in better conservation of energy.  


    The cost of a folding door for balcony is higher than a conventional door owing to the various benefits it has to offer. However, the buyers should do some research about the price of the doors offered by different companies. In addition, they should also compare the features of individual doors before making the final decision.


    Folding doors are extremely versatile and flexible and create an excellent transition point between the interiors and exterior of your home. We hope that the above-discussed pointers will help you find the perfect folding door with the right configurations and features to fulfill your requirements.

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