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Top 6 Uses of Kraft Paper on Daily Basis


People would love to buy a reusable product more than anything else because it saves their money and is very eco-friendly for nature. For example, Kraft packaging or kraft paper is a highly green and biodegradable material because it is produced from nature and dissolves in nature very quickly. In addition, this paper is pretty strong and can be reused many times. Creative people reuse this paper in many ways and styles.

Kraft paper was invented in 1880 by a German scientist named Carl F.Dahl. This paper is a mixture of a natural chemical and wood pulp. By balancing accurate wood pulp, Carl achieved the perfect amount of rigidness in the paper other than regular papers. Carl named it Kraft called strong in his language. Its durability and green nature made this paper very popular.

Five types of Kraft paper are being discussed below.

  • Standard Kraft

This type of paper is known as virgin kraft because it is a natural and recycled material. This type of paper is widely used for wrapping things and many other cushioning purposes.

  • Colorful Kraft

A colored kraft is very usable for DIY purposes. In addition, schools teach students about different usages to enhance their creativity. Another use of this paper is for color-coding of books and classroom timelining.

  • Waxed Paper

These waxed Kraft’s are an eco-friendly alternative for packing food items to prevent food items from moisture and leakage of oils etc. A waxed Kraft is approved by the authorities and has no side effect on health. Waxed paper is a semi-transparent material that is called see-through for food items.

  • PE Coated Kraft’s

Then there is another type of Kraft that is polyethylene coated, and this is widely used for fast food wrapping. PE coating makes it more durable and provides high protection against oil and grease. Most of the time, this paper is used for wrapping fast food and metal products. Metal products need extra protection from water damage.

  • Indented Kraft

This type of kraft is weighty in its nature and highly recyclable. Therefore, this paper is best for fragile products packaging.

All of these types offer some unique and different benefits and widely being used for the packaging of the products. When you buy a product having kraft wrapping and kraft packaging, you can reuse it for DIY or recycle that packaging.

1-Snack Holder for Party

You can buy waxed kraft paper rolls from the market and make a snacks holder by yourself. Just search for the wrapping techniques, and you will see many styles. Even you can apply a colored kraft in a precious party-themed cutting. You can save these snack holders for later use for kids because these papers will not be rotten.

2-Cost-Effective Art Canvas

Kraft paper is the best material for your painting or writing. You can use your art on these papers and make a biodegradable, beautiful homemade table cover. In addition, you can teach your kids to learn how to paint on these eco-friendly sheets, and they love to paint and do whatever they want while painting; this will increase creativity in them. Finally, you can write the alphabet and let your kids paint it to teach new things while getting connected.

3- Nice and Tidy Book Cover

You can use these kraft papers for book wrapping purposes. For example, if you want to safeguard your precious book from damage, it will be a good idea to wrap them with durable kraft paper. Also, you can make a customized effect to your most loved book and decorate your bookshelves with stunning and precious customization effects.

4- A Perfect Table Cover

A kraft paper can become your best table cover if you customize that cover concerning Halloween, etc. kraft paper cover will help protect your table from mess and be a good fit according to the needs. First, you need to take a paper, cut it accordingly, and paint an event touch to your table cover. Being a biodegradable material, you can easily recycle this material to lower the use of plastic worldwide.

5- Good Shopping Bag

You can make a shopping bag out of kraft paper simply by cutting a kraft paper precisely like a shopping bag is designed and then use glue to give it a proper shape and look. You can paint that bag as well to have a customized look.

6-Customized Wrapping

Giving gifts is very important for everyone. You can use kraft cardboard to make a custom gift box by cutting suitably. You may design your gift wrapping excellently by nicely cutting a colored kraft paper and paste it on your customized gift box.

A Cost-Effective Packaging
Kraft’s are biodegradable and eco-friendly packing material. Also, it is very lightweight for shipping and traveling purposes. Kraft paper is built from natural ingredients; that’s why it is very economical to produce. Suppose you cannot make customizable gift wraps and need some professionals for your upcoming event. For this purpose, go to the website of ImpressionVille and select an exciting gift design for your loved ones. They provide superb design for gift packaging and tons of other lovely items. Just choose a design, ask for modification, and they will deliver your order in the fastest manner.

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