Tips to Crack the IELTS General Writing Exam

    Tips to Crack the IELTS General Writing Exam
    Tips to Crack the IELTS General Writing Exam

    The IELTS exam is an English proficiency test given to candidates to ensure that they are eligible to migrate to an English-speaking country. You must take this test if you intend to study or work abroad. The IELTS exam evaluates your English reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. You will have to take the IELTS test to gain a visa of any country, including a Canadian visa. This test score demonstrates your English abilities to Canadian Immigration authorities.

    The IELTS Exam – An Overview

    The IELTS writing task is different for general and academic training. The IELTS Writing Section checks your ability to respond to the given task with the right coherence, accuracy, and grammatical sense. The Writing Section constitutes the Academic test and the General Test. 

    In the academic test, topics are designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students. On the other hand, the general tasks cover general topics from books, magazines, company handbooks, etc. Therefore, you need to communicate fluently in English. The time duration for both the writing and the general sections is 60 minutes.

    The IELTS Writing Section checks your ability to respond to the given task with the right coherence, accuracy, and grammatical sense. The Writing Section constitutes the Academic test and the General Test.

    Tips for acing the general IELTS exam

    Understand Exam Structure

    Firstly, you must understand the exam structure and all its sections. IELTS has four sections that involve reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You can go through mock test papers to know more about the type of questions. Once you gain familiarity with the questions, you can tackle them more confidently when ready to take the exam. 

    Attack Each Section Separately.

    Since there are many sections, you must not cram to study all sections in one day. You must tackle each section individually, devoting a few days per session. Begin with the reading section, continue with the listening section, and proceed with the writing and speaking sections. 

    Learn to Read Quickly

    You must adopt several reading techniques while attempting the reading section of the IELTS exam. The key here is to skim through the passage without reading every word. 

    Listen to Audio Clips.

    To gain familiarity with every accent and tone in the English language, you can listen to various audio clips online. Watch and listen to international news channels, interviews, commercials, and reports. 

    Converse in Fluent English

    Instead of practicing by yourself, you can frequently speak to someone who has a good command of the language and speaks fluently. Speaking in English every day with friends or family can improve your comfort level with the language and build your confidence. 

    Take Mock Tests

    Several websites offer free IELTS mock tests that can easily help you crack the IELTS exam. You can also get many books that have mock test papers. Try to get hold of as many mock test papers as you can to get maximum practice. With more practice, greater the chances of getting a seven-plus score in the actual exam. 

    Follow Writing Tips

    Follow the below-writing tips to score well in the IELTS exam:

    • Get used to the essay writing structure. Think properly and organize the paragraphs according to the content.
    • Practice many test topics meticulously to enhance your confidence to take the test. Aim to finish them within the prescribed time limit and word limit. 
    • Construct grammatically correct sentences as these make a marked difference between writing and speaking. 
    • Use proper vocabulary, and avoid redundant use of words and prolonged sentences. A high-level vocabulary can convey your strong grip over the English language to your examiner.
    • Ensure and check that you have answered all the questions in the exam. 

    Enroll in Training Classes

    To get access to IELTS materials, mock papers, and other content, enroll in a reputed institution that offers IELTS training. Immigration consultants across the country, including immigration consultants in Chennai, can rightly guide you in your IELTS exam preparation.


    Follow the above tips, take several practice tests to ace the IELTS exam, and become eligible to immigrate to any overseas country. You can easily procure a Canada visa and migrate to Canada for better job opportunities if you get the required score in the IELTS exam.

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