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Certain languages such as Mandarin, English, French and Spanish are spoken by an enormous number of people around the globe. However, there are some dialects with a tiny number of people speaking it in comparison to other languages. 

When we look at various aspects such as knowledge of languages, the population of internet users and many other factors, we’ve tried to identify some of the most talked about languages spoken around the world in the present.

There are many languages spoken around the world, it is surprising that 71 percent of the population is a member of the five main languages groups: Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Russian. 

2 Writing Systems

There are two kinds of writing systems used in the world: those that represent vowels and consonants, as well as those that use consonants only. The first group includes alphabets that include Greek, Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic; in the second, there are abjads such as Hebrew (written with vowel points) as well as Arabic (sometimes that are written without vowel point). 

Arabic is a language spoken in numerous countries. In addition, there is a particular word known as HabibiHabibi meaning is used to refer to someone with respect and affection.

This Arabic alphabet is an abjad that’s impure. It is composed of 28 letters that all represent consonants. Some letters contain additional symbols that are added to them to denote short vowels. These symbols are known as the harakat (singular the word haraka) and also include shaddah, used to signify gemination (doubling of consonants) and sukun, that indicates that a consonant is not preceded by a vowel, and maddah, which is the vowel is a single, long vowel.

Which language is most widely spoken around the globe?

You may be shocked to learn that this is Mandarin Chinese, which has more than one billion people speaking it.

In many countries there is a single language, but in other countries several languages are spoken.

For instance, in Nigeria as well as South Africa, you’ll find more than 100 different languages. China, India, and Indonesia each have approximately 70 languages that are spoken in them.”

Six Officical Languages to Communicate:

The United Nations uses six official languages for international communication, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian and Spanish. They also employ German as a work language. But, aside from the official languages, there are many other languages that are not officially recognized in the UN headquarters, such as Kiswahili.”

Mandarin Chinese:

Mandarin Chinese has the most native people of any language and is the official Chinese language in China. It is also one of the six official languages in the United Nations and is popular in the fields of politics, business and education.

Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. This means that changes in pitch help differentiate words that have the same sound , but with different meanings. There are four tones used in Mandarin which are: rising, high, falling and falling. For instance, ma is a reference to mother , and ma is horse. Mandarin Chinese its vocabulary contains many loanwords borrowed taken from Portuguese in addition to English.

The Cantonese Chinese:

It is the Cantonese version from Chinese can be heard by more than 57 million Chinese in the southern region of China in China and Hong Kong. Similar to Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese is a tonal language.

Urdu Language:

The evolution of Urdu’s history Urdu language is formed by the interaction it has had with various languages. It been shaped by an influence from Persian, Arabic, Turkish as well as to some extent Portuguese and English too. However, that’s not to suggest that they are the sole languages to have had an impact on Urdu. It is commonly believed to be the case that Chagatai language played an important role in Urdu’s early development.

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Hindi Language:

Hindi can be spoken by 487 million in India and the rest of South Asia, including Nepal and Pakistan. The Indo-European dialect that is related with Persian in addition to English. Hindi includes around 14 different grammatical instances (including the genitive, the dative, locative, ablative) which govern the relationships between pronouns and nounsit can be confusing for English users who are accustomed to a single type of case (the nominal).

Spanish Language:

Spanish is widely spoken and understood by more than 427 million across the globe as a first (or second) language.

Chagatai is a language spoken by Timur 

Chagatai language was used by Timur’s troops during their incursions into Asia and in the subcontinent. It had a strong Turkic influence because Timur’s army was made up of mainly Turks. Another theory about Urdu’s genesis Urdu could be that the language developed out of the Prakrit language widely spoken throughout North India around 500-1000 AD.

It is crucial to remember that there isn’t any solid evidence to support either theory, and both theories are founded on speculation. Actually, Urdu is so closely related to Hindi that it can be incorrectly called “Hindi” in Western publications. This is because both languages share a common background and have a number regarding grammar, terminology, and pronunciation rules. Urdu can be written using the Perso-Arabic script.

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