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Reasons You Should Pursue Career as an HVAC Technician


Becoming a professional technician for HIVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) promises a bright future. 

As more and more homes and businesses use HVAC and the already adjusted ones require for regular maintenance and checkups, it’s clear that customers in this field will only grow.

HVAC services provider companies pay handsome salaries to their knowledgeable technicians who love learning and solving issues. Moreso, as technology is evolving, there is a lot of room for more specialized jobs for HVAC technicians.

In this blog post, we will discuss the chief advantages of following a career path as an HVAC technician.

A Stable Employment

The field of HVAC is only expanding and it’s going nowhere in the coming decades. There will only be innovations in technology for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – which can be learned and taught.

Employment is stable in this field because there is never a shortage of jobs. There are so many offices and homes in America that use HVAC systems, and they obviously will not call someone from another country for repair, installation, and maintenance.

This makes this field promise a lot of job stability.

Better Compensation & Competitive Salaries

Research shows that in comparison to many other types of jobs in different industries, HVAC technicians are paid fairly well. The annual median salary of HVAC technicians is somewhere between 45K USD to 50K USD. Whereas, the 10% of the higher end earn upwards of 73K USD.

Moreso, most HVAC companies have established a good reputation for properly paying out workers compensation in case of accidental injury. These companies rarely retaliate against employees for filing a worker’s compensation claim.

The more a technician gains experience and is willing to learn – the better it gets in terms of higher salaries and perks.

The Ability to Work Anywhere

Becoming an HVAC technician makes you not only an in-demand person in the US but also around the globe. Advanced skills in HVAC repair, installment, and overall maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems will help you to easily get attached to a foreign company that provides such services.

More so, you can move to any state and won’t stay unemployed as there’s no shortage of buildings in the US – both commercial and residential – that do not have ventilation systems in them. 

Growth Opportunities

When you start out as a technician for HVAC, that’s the point where things are just starting out, and you get to learn a lot. In the long run, you get opportunities to excel in terms of income and promotion.

With the passage of time, you get training and up-to-date education – which help you move from a technician to an installer and all the way up to manager.

With the love for work and the will to learn, these qualities help you excel fast and move up the stair of success as much as you want to.

Apart from the technical skills, you learn social skills such as cooperating in a team, communicating with customers and understanding how they think, and building a repo with them. All this experience helps you set up your own HVAC services business sometime in the future if you want.

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