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London’s Hatton Garden: Overpriced or Reasonable?


One of the top attractions in the city of London is the Hatton Garden Street located in the Holborn District. This place is a small maze of interconnecting streets which is one of the oldest places in London. Hatton Garden Street is home a cluster of jewellery shops, one of the largest concentrations that you’ll find in London. It has been serving the jewellery need of the people of London and across the world for many decades.

If you ever happen to visit London and ask the locals for a good place to buy diamond jewellery from, chances are that they will direct you to the Hatton Garden Street. Hatton Garden has been the diamond capital of London for several and continues to be a major hub for diamond jewellery. If you like to explore the jewellery stores and not buy from the chic outlets in Bond Streets, then Hatton Garden is the place for you since its overwhelming variety will certainly have something for everyone’s tastes.

Hatton Garden is place where it is easy to shop for all kinds of jewellery including fine jewellery and the ones that are made of cultured diamonds. Since this place is a hub for everything related to jewellery, you will find it easy to customize your jewellery like the Hatton Garden Engagement Rings or get certain repairs done. The professionals working at the many stores here include skilled craftsmen, artisans, and blacksmiths along with jewellery designers who will not just help you design your own unique ornament but will also bring it to life for you without you having to wander from one place to another. This place also offers gemstone studded jewellery that ranges from diamonds, rubies and sapphires to moissanite and cubic zirconia.

When it comes to the prices of the commodities in Hatton Garden, one can’t say that it is overpriced or reasonable. Jewellery, especially the ones that are made from precious stones and metals such as diamonds and platinum, tend to be a bit on the expensive side and you will notice the same at Hatton Garden. If you buy jewellery from Hatton Garden, you will have to pay for what you buy. Since the prices at the Hatton Garden stores are highly competitive you may be able to buy a few items for a slightly lesser amount than usual, but the margin will not be huge. However, the advantage of shopping at Hatton Garden is that the sheer variety of jewellery and gemstones of this place is huge and you are bound to find something that you not only like but also fits your budget.

Because of the abovementioned advantages, Hatton Garden Street in London continues to be a popular place for jewellery shopping that attracts thousands of people each year. Whether you want to buy a simple diamond necklace or sapphire engagement rings Hatton Garden is the place for you to go. Since this place also has a lot of related history, it is a must visit for the people who are visiting London.

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