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Information & Tips On How To Get A Mobile Phone On Emi Without Credit Card

Mobile Phone On Emi Without Credit Card
Mobile Phone On Emi Without Credit Card

EMI, or Equated Monthly Installments, has made it simpler to get your hands on the latest innovative products while keeping your budget in check. It allows one to borrow time by avoiding a single lump-sum payment and availing an EMI without a credit card.

Even though most commercial banks in India provide credit cards to their clients, the Indian market has traditionally relied on debit cards. Even today, a sizable share of the inhabitants lacks access to or does not use a credit card. Due to poor wages or unemployment, many folks cannot obtain a credit card.

Today, getting an  EMI mobile phone has become much easier, especially with debit cards; as a result, the following guide contains information on the subject.

Why Choose an EMI for Mobile Purchase?

In today’s world, having a cell phone is a must. Regardless of economic level, most people may acquire a mobile phone due to the advantage of low, elevated quality phones. Although many phones are inexpensive, there are still numerous alternatives available that are more robust, have more features, and last a long time. 

As a response, one of the most popular reasons consumers acquire mobile phones is to use an EMI option on their debit or credit cards. However, not everyone possesses a credit card or has access to one through a family member. According to reports, just around 3% of all residents have a credit card in reality.

When new developments and capabilities are brought to the gadget, customers aim to replace their smartphones once every few years. On the other hand, flagship smartphone mobiles from leading mobile manufacturers come with a hefty price tag that can range from thousands of rupees to a lakh rupees. As a result of EMI, putting off purchase till the budget allows is resolved.

Benefits of Choosing EMI through Debit Cards:

Here are a few perks of buying a mobile phone on EMI instead of exhausting your savings:


Today, a decent smartphone costs between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 1,000,000. When the entire sum is paid at once, it might create a large void in the monthly budget, causing immediate requirements to be interrupted. Nonetheless, if the sum is paid on EMI, the small monthly payments make it easier to spread the large price over a longer period.

Increased Affordability

Most people avoid buying a flagship model as they can’t afford it and can’t pay the whole price upfront. As a result, customers gravitate toward lower-cost versions with fewer features. However, spending in EMI eliminates the requirement to pay the entire amount all at once. This makes buying a better model easier and makes it more inexpensive.

No Additional Charges

Buying a smartphone on EMI is a wise decision because there are no additional interest expenses. It is simple to confirm one’s eligibility and take advantage of the EMI benefit. The bank offers a no cost EMI on debit cards that allow you to pay the same amount.

EMI Alternatives

Consumer durable loans, chit funds, EMI cards, and pay later are some of the other ways to get an EMI. The following solutions allow you to obtain cash without a credit card.

Consumer durables are personal loans to buy freezers, air conditioners, household appliances, and electronics. The following loans are widely available from banks and non-bank financial institutions capable of providing quick authorization and distribution and cheap borrowing rates with payback alternatives.

Chit Funds- New-age online P2P lending companies provide an online chit fund platform to meet financial demands. The website allows verified users to pool their finances to raise money. Each group member contributes the same amount of money each month for a set time. At the end of the month, each member can spend the pooled funds on whatever they like.

Pay later– Customers can purchase now and pay later in a few company formats. Additional bank and brand EMI offers are available with the pay later function. The following technique makes the contactless transaction more adaptable with increased features and benefits.

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