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How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Randomly?

YouTube Keeps Pausing

You must be astonished to know that in a population of 7.9 billion, YouTube has a total count of 2.24 billion users which includes the content makers and daily active users like us where you can watch an ample amount of content without blinking an eye and so when it comes to the entertainment part it has been one of the best apps used worldwide. 

But as we know every nice thing has got some glitch in it so it is happening with the YouTube nowadays very frequently and that can ruin the whole experience. 

So, here we are to help you get out of this trouble and rectify it permanently. 

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Way To Fix Youtube Keeps Pausing Issue

If the Youtube videos are pausing automatically then you need to do some troubleshooting and this post is to guide you in ways how to do it.

So let’s begin. 

1. Check your Internet Connection:

The foremost thing to do is to check whether your internet is keeping up or not with a good signal/speed, to check if you could run a quick check by opening another tab on chrome and typing “speed test by Ookla” to check your connection strength. 

2. Clear Your Cache Data : 

Having too many videos running in the cache can slow down the app, resulting in pausing the new videos unnecessarily 

So here’s how to clear the cache on Android OS: 

  • Go to the google chrome browser on Android mobile. 
  • Tap on the “three-dot” on the topmost right corner to open the short menu table. 
  • Select “History” and tap on Clear browsing data to clear the YouTube cache from Android. 
  • Select the options including history, cookies, and cache. 
  • In the end, tap on “clear data” to erase all of the cached data related to YouTube on Android. 

3. Reboot your Device :

We know it’s an advantage that our phones or PCs can run efficiently with multiple apps in the background but sometimes they might be the reason for this error, So quickly try to switch off your device and reboot it to start the YouTube again and see if it’s working fine now.

4. Replug And Check your Headphones :

YouTube functions as whenever your headphones or earphones get disconnected repetitively (because they might be defective or connected loosely) it responds by pausing the video whenever it happens so it will help you to get a good pair of headphones to watch a video. 

5. Try “YouTube Nonstop” :

It’s a cool feature that works for both Android OS and iPhone all you have to do is open chrome and select a fresh tab on your PC the type “YouTube Nonstop” and you’ll see an infinity ♾️ type of icon on the top right side of your screen which will get activated whenever you’ll open YouTube and becomes red in color, by this you can now enjoy hours of nonstop video without any hindrance. 

6. You might be using data more than your Bandwidth :

We’ll tell you what does it mean, so as an example image of a door where one time only one person is crossing, now compare the same door with 2 persons passing through one another might get a little chaotic, and now think of 8-10 people passing by at the same time, not possible without few of them stopping then and there just like that if your running multiple functions that require a good amount of internet your YouTube video might get stuck in between ( for eg. Android phones have a feature of updating the apps automatically whenever the updates come) 

So to solve that, 

Open Google play store and select menu

Then select Settings and tap on auto-update apps and choose “don’t auto-update apps”.

7. Lastly, Try Another Browser or Update the App :

As you use an older version of any app on your device or may not function efficiently and hang while playing the videos so go ahead and update the apps via the Google play store. 

We hope these tricks might help you solve the issue with YouTube tell us in the review box which one worked for you as no likes interruptions while watching an interesting video and so more commonly a faulty browser or a poor internet connection has been found to be the main culprit so have a check on these first. 

Good luck! 

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