Home Wealth How Effective is a Psychologist Compared to a Psychiatrist for Depression?

How Effective is a Psychologist Compared to a Psychiatrist for Depression?

How Effective is a Psychologist Compared to a Psychiatrist for Depression?
How Effective is a Psychologist Compared to a Psychiatrist for Depression?

If you are suffering from symptoms of depression and are looking for medical assistance It can be difficult to determine which direction to take. Both psychologists and psychiatrists can provide treatment to those with depression, however, they differ in their training, experience, and method of treatment for mental illness that must be considered prior to make a decision with a physician. If you’re unsure if the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist are more suitable for patients with depression, this is the information you should be aware of:

What is a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are doctors who have graduated from medical school in conjunction with having completed an internship year in medical school along with three additional years of residency for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. They work in clinics, private practice, universities, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, prisons, and many other settings, psychiatrists typically provide treatment to those with mental health issues that require medication, like major depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders as well as schizophrenia, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Psychologists usually diagnose their patients with psychotherapy tests and one-on-one assessments as well as run tests on the laboratory to determine if there is a physical reason for the symptoms. Treatment may consist of psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of both and medications will be adjusted in accordance with the results and observations.

What is a psychologist?

Psychologists are licensed to hold doctoral degrees in the field of psychology. They usually finish an internship of two years, however, they aren’t medical doctors and are not able to prescribe medications for mental health problems. Psychologists operate in the same situations as psychiatrists and use talk therapy and psychotherapy to assist patients to comprehend their ailments and understand how to manage their symptoms. When dealing with children, psychologists typically employ the practice of play to get insights through observation of patterns and behaviors.

Psychotherapist or psychiatrist for depression

Different treatment methods between psychologists and psychiatrists

In order to diagnose mental health conditions, psychiatrists and psychologists both rely on psychotherapy, but the way they do so differs treatment differs. Psychologists take a medical approach by focusing on the biological causes of mental illness and employing medication to treat the symptoms. In addition, they take into account the full medical history of the patient in order to rule out physical issues that could lead to mental health issues. Thyroid disorders, for example, can cause similar symptoms to depression. Psychologists however are more focused on thinking and behavior and attempt to identify patterns in the life of the patient that could be contributing to the symptoms.

Which doctor should consult for treatment of the depression you are suffering from?

The kind of mental health professional you consult will be based on a range of variables, depending on the severity condition to your treatment for depression preferences. If you suffer from severe depression the psychiatrist can determine if you have any other medical issues and prescribe medication that could be tailored to meet your requirements. If, however, you’re having difficulties and are looking to improve your understanding of your behavior and thoughts.  The best psychiatrist in Mumbai can help you tackle problems on a regular basis, and medications may not be required. In certain instances, seeing both a psychologist and psychiatrist is beneficial, with the psychologist offering regular therapy sessions, while the psychiatrist oversees medication. No matter which specialist you select is important to check that they’ve got a lot of experience in treating depression and have an approach and style that you are comfortable with. 

Treatment for depression in India

If you’re searching for an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist to treat and diagnose depression, then you must consider the best psychiatrist in Mumbai.

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