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How Do Air Curtains Work?


Are you curious about how and why air curtains are used? Our detailed guide has you covered.

What is an Air Curtain?

An Air Curtain is a fan-powered device that prevents airborne contaminants from traveling between different areas in a facility. It is a  device that blows air down over an opening to keep two areas of a building separated or between external and internal environments.

  • Open doorway: This allows for continuous airflow, which keeps the cold air out and warm air in.
  • Behind closed doors. Alternatively, it can be used to provide additional protection behind closed doors. In this case, the  commercial air curtain activates only when the door is opened. It comes to life by pushing air for a few seconds until the door closes again.

The Industrial Air Curtain is placed on the heated side and extends across the entire length of the door opening. It draws in air from the intake and pushes it down. This creates an invisible barrier that stops cold air from entering and also prevents insects from entering. Find out more about how it  works against flying insects.

What does an Air Curtain do?

An air curtain is made by using a fan to force air in a downward direction. Forced air acts as an invisible barrier to keep warm or cool air from entering doors or buildings. To keep insects, pollen, and any other debris out of interior space, these curtains  are also used.

The ideal replacement for traditional doors is curtains. These curtains prevent contaminants and other environmental factors from entering a space, while still allowing people to freely move between them.

What Air Door Technology has to do to save you money  and energy.


The infrared technology patented by i-sense scans the area around the doorway and collects information about indoor and outdoor temperatures. This includes measuring the temperature at floor level. The i-sense also detects when the door is shut. Our detailed guide provides more information about our I-sense technology.


Automatic CHIPS controls strategy continuously monitors and adjusts to ensure the most efficient and effective operation. It independently adjusts the heating strength and heating. Sensors collect information about the indoor/outdoor temperature near the doorway. This information is used by CHIPS technology to determine the right settings. The temperature and fan speed of both the IndAC2 as well as the SR are adjusted automatically to adapt to changing conditions. Find out more about technology chips.


Air always flows in the vicinity of an open door because of the temperature difference between outside and inside. Warm air flows in, and cold air flows out. The rectifier transforms the fan-generated air turbulence into a laminar stream of air. Airstream travels much faster than air doors that do not have a rectifier. The air stream is tightly sealed to prevent cold air from escaping. This allows for a high climate separation efficiency of more than 90%.


The best way to separate the environments of two places is with  door curtains. They can be used as a barrier to prevent heat loss or cooling loss, and they also eliminate the possibility of contamination. We offer only the best quality air door and can customise the product to suit your needs.

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