How Can An EMI Calculator Help You In Real Life?


    Applying for a loan comes with a lot of responsibilities. You must plan your loan to borrow efficiently and ideally. It entails determining the required amount, the duration you are comfortable with, and the EMIs you can afford. Loan planning may be beneficial and is something that all borrowers should practice. When done correctly, it can save you money in interest while preventing you from making costly mistakes. It is better to be always planned, be it any life situation. Knowing something in advance gives you the confidence to do things. Similarly, before even applying for a loan, you can take the help of a personal loan EMI calculator to plan your expenses and get an idea of the installments you will be required to pay.

    The EMI calculator for personal loans is one of the most valuable tools for this planning process. Almost all lenders in India have such a feature, and we do. It allows you to quickly calculate the personal loan interest due and show your payback schedule online.

    To determine whether you can afford a personal loan, you must first compute the EMI amount. Stressing your finances unnecessarily might lead to missed payments and fines.

    EMI Repayment 

    Paying your EMIs on schedule is critical. Banks usually charge you a penalty fee if you don’t make your EMI payments on time. Additionally, any missed payments harm your credit score and may make it more difficult for you to obtain a loan. Therefore, you can use apersonal loan EMI calculator to calculate your EMI in advance to avoid such situations.

    Components of the Personal Loan EMI Calculator

    The online EMI calculator has three main components. You can get accurate results by altering these values according to the loan terms you’ve been provided and planning your loan appropriately. 

    • Loan Amount: The money amount you want or has been approved for you in terms of a loan. You should input the amount you want to borrow during the planning step. It is worth noting that you can enter the loan amount numerically or use the calculator’s slider option.
    • Interest Rate: This is the rate we are willing to provide you. Personal loan interests usually start at 10.99 percent, although they can vary depending on your financial situation. This rate is crucial since it determines how much interest you will pay and how much will be included in the EMIs.
    • Tenure: Tenure refers to the duration of time it takes to repay a loan, and it is something you should think about carefully. Choosing a short-term indeed minimizes the interest you must pay, but it also raises the monthly instalment. On the other hand, a longer-term lower the EMI amount while increasing the loan’s interest rate. The best loan term is one with a reasonable EMI and total interest payable.

    You can alter the tenure using the personal loan EMI calculator until you find an appropriate EMI amount. You have to raise the tenure value or lower the loan amount you want to take out. You can pay your loan back over 12 to 60 months. Keep in mind that the time duration it takes to repay the loan directly impacts the EMI. If you want lesser EMIs, you will need to borrow for a more extended period. You will, however, pay more interest if you repay the loan over a more extended time. It is where using the EMI calculator comes into play. You can use the tool to understand your personal loan interests and apply for one according to your requirements.


    The best way to face any situation is to handle it correctly. Being prepared in advance makes you a stronger person and gives you more confidence in life. Similarly, taking a loan comes with obligations, but you can plan them out using the personal loan EMI calculator and manage your expenses accordingly.

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