Fixes for Facebook not working

    fixes for facebook not working issue

    If your Facebook is not working then there might be various reasons for the same so, in this blog, we are going to tell you why Facebook not working and also the solutions so that you can fix it. The users need to see and fix the solutions very carefully so that they can deal with the issues. 

    Facebook not working reasons as well as solutions –  

    1. Checking if the Facebook is down 

    The thing is if Facebook is down then the users might face the consequences for the same and there is no such solution for this issue. The users can wait for some time and after some time they can check is FB still down or not and if not then they can use it anytime and anywhere they want to. 

    1. Checking for the updates 

    Sometimes it is possible that the users have not updated the application of Facebook so the users need to check the updates of Facebook and if there is any update available then the users need to update the application to fix Facebook issues. 

    1. Clearing the cache of the app 
    • The users have to open the chrome browser and go for the settings app so that you can move to the privacy and settings also. 
    • Now you need to look for the option of clear browsing data and after this, they need to click on it and then opt for the all-time option so that you hit on the option of clear data so that you can finish the procedure for Facebook not working

    Other ways are as following for the same – 

    1. Check for the internet 
    2. Close and also open the app again 
    3. Restart the device you are using 
    4. Checking the app’s permissions as well. 

    My Facebook Account is Suspended? How to Recover It

    Apart from the above topic, have you ever wondered why Facebook Suspended my account for violating guidelines of the facebook. If your Facebook account is still suspended, then we can help you with this problem without any doubt, you just need to visit our website with the help of provided link.

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