Facts To Know About Aadhaar Offline eKYC


    A concise, truthful job description is a powerful tool in an executive’s arsenal. Refer to it constantly. The job description must be a joint effort, with the senior executive giving final approval. Always make sure that you have given the responsibilities of each position and the level of responsibility clearly shown. Inclusion of duties, work objectives, target product or financial result to be achieved are also important parts of the job description.

    What is job title in resume: Job title is the first thing that appears on a resume and it attracts the attention of an employer. A specific and brief job title will help recruiters to evaluate your credentials. While deciding whether to call you for interview or not, he is going to compare your resume to the job description of a manager position. Job titles including different aspects may confuse the reader. While you don’t want to appear under-qualified and exaggerate on your job title, you need to get the desired job and highlight that how much experience and skills you already have and what are the areas where you can still grow further. The challenge is that employer reads hundreds and more resumes every week, therefore they scan through them quickly, bring in six or eight of them for interview.

    A resume is a job application document that provides background on the professional and personal history of the applicant. It covers personal details such as educational qualifications, employment history and skills. A resume should be well-organized, detail oriented and written in clear, concise language. It should reveal the core competencies of the applicant and capture the attention of a recruiter in just one or two pages.

    Aadhaar offline eKYC is a real time process of validating identity, profile and reputation of an individual or a business entity. It enables you to identify fake green cards and addresses, frauds and duplicates with 100% accuracy. Aadhaar offline eKYC is based on biometric scan using fingerprint or retina scan using handheld devices like netbook, Scanner or Smart phones equipped with the right software. This helps to establish trust in your customers instantly!

    Aadhaar offline eKYC is a paperless, instant and cost saving process to validate your client’s identity and profile. This eliminates risks associated with the traditional and time consuming paper based procedures. Moreover, this solution is a part of aadhaar based banking ecosystem, which has world’s largest biometric database of Aadhaar. This solution helps banks to stay on top of compliance to Anti-Money Laundering standards. 

    The Aadhaar based eKYC solution helps to establish the identity of an individual instantly with the help of fingerprint authentication and biometric data captured during Aadhaar registration. Once your customer’s identity is established, you can do an eKYC check. This real-time verification is done with 100% accuracy and in less than 15 sec. The data collected during this process gets stored in CIDR (Central Identities Data Repository) which makes it as safe as your existing customer database without any security breach risks.

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