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Scientific 10 Minutes Workout to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction


Workout means a session of vigorous physical training or exercise. To maintain a healthy living, it is imperative in today’s era to workout daily. Workout helps to get into better shape and mood and eradicate the most common sexual problem in men; Erectile dysfunction. This guide by the best andrologist and sexologist in India Dr. Chirag Bhandari, can help you overcomeby exercise of erectile dysfunction.

A combination of kegel exercises, pilates, pelvic floor exercises, and cardio workouts is the best 10 minutes regime to eliminate ED. These exercises are scientifically proven to induce proper blood flow and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. 

Before wasting any time, let’s start the 10-minute workout regime scientifically proven to build strength in the pelvic region and help to eradicate Erectile dysfunction.

Running: 2minute

The phrase running suggests performing a fast action with legs or moving rapidly on feet. There are many popular forms for running, depending on the speed. Sprinting is the fastest, where jogging is the slowest movement made. 

 Running at a speed of 8-10km per hour is the ideal speed of running for erectile dysfunction.

The runner should keep their posture straight and slightly bent ahead.

Foot thumping and bending forward are some of the common blunders among beginners that also can cause injuries.

Running is best for improved health and life expectancy.

It also supports proper blood flow and strengthens pelvic muscles. 

Plank: 2 minute

Low Plank or high plank is in recent trend as an exercise for ED in which a straight body posture is maintained parallel to the ground. In this kegel exercise, the core and pelvic muscles are squeezed, and body balance is maintained by the toes and elbows. When done accurately, it can improve the body arm balance and strengthen important pelvic muscles and improve blood flow in the groin.

Squats: 2 minutes 


Squats are recognized as an indispensable exercise for improving the pelvic floor muscles’ strength and developing core strength.

It has been reported that squatters who daily practice squatting for hours are more prone to knee osteoarthritis. 

The common mistakes made while doing squat exercise is dropping the body too fast and flexing the upper body beyond the knee. This faulty posture gradually creates knee problems.  

Hip raise: 2 minute

Hip raise is also known as Shoulder supported bridge or Bridge. It is a form of yoga asana, “an inverted back-bending.” This yoga asana is covered in hatha yoga and modern yoga.

While doing bridge pose, we lie down on our back and lift only the hip area. Trying to maintain the balance with the toe stretched out and the hand on the ground. By stretching the legs straight, you can feel more contraction on the pelvic muscles.

Leg raise: 2 minute

Leg raises strengthen the pelvic muscles, external oblique muscles, rectus abdominis muscle. Contract the pelvic muscles while lifting the leg and relaxing while coming down , improving the blood flow, and strengthening the muscles. 

It is important to retain the lower back in touch with the ground and put hands to the sides or below the lower back for support.

You don’t need any equipment to do leg raise. 

The sexologist can treat Erectile dysfunction naturally if the symptoms are mild. He may guide you with a proper food diet, including food items rich in vitamin c and aphrodisiac food to increase sexual drive in men. According to research, anyone doing this 10-minute workout regime will undoubtedly see improved pelvic muscles and proper blood flow in the pelvic region. 

Take Away from 10 minute workout for ED 

The above set of exercise befalls in Kegel and aerobics exercises, which are the best exercises for ED. They are scientifically proven after doing many research. Dr. Chirag Bhandari, India’s best sexologist, is known for providing pelvic floor rehabilitation as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This therapy has been a non-invasive, pain-free substitute for surgery. According to the doctor, he has treated 42% of his Ed patient with pelvic floor rehabilitation alone.

  • The pelvic floor muscles will support proper blood flow to the private’s area, which is essential in gaining more stimulating erections.
  • These Kegel exercises will equip the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax on control and depending on the demand.
  • This 10-minute workout will enhance the pleasure experienced during sex. 
  • This exercise routine will also increase the number of orgasms that men can have in a period of time 
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