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Everything About Wall-Mounted Residential Air Conditioners

Everything About Wall-Mounted Residential Air Conditioners

Choosing the right air conditioner can be quite challenging with so many options available. However, considering wall-mounted air conditioners and their considerable benefits may simplify your search. Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, where the cold air gets delivered through ductwork, wall-mounted ACs work with a different mechanism. Here, the air is delivered to each room through the wall-mounted units connected to a condenser. You can install the classic residential air conditioner wall mounted model if you are looking for more efficiency and floor space. Below are some essential details that will help you in the buying process.

What is a wall-mounted AC?

Wall-mounted ACs are installed in a building’s exterior wall and have self-contained cooling appliances. These span from the inside wall surface to the outside and maximise efficiency by forming an airtight seal. The installation of these ACS does not require any movement except for replacement or servicing.

How does a wall-mounted AC work?

A wall-mounted AC has an evaporator and a compressor or condenser unit. The room air is drawn to the indoor unit, which cools down after reaching the condenser. The cold air is again pushed back into the room. This cool air then eliminates the warm air through the outdoor unit. A classic residential air conditioner wall mounted model can be highly efficient in cooling a single room as well as multiple rooms. Wall-mounted ACs produce less noise than old box-type ACs as the compressor stays outdoors. Moreover, you also get various other features like air ionisers or motion sensors to improve air quality and increase efficiency.

 What factors should you consider before purchasing one?

A wall-mounted AC can be an ideal choice if you want to cool one large or medium-sized room. Moreover, you need to consider the factor of affordability as you must pay the purchase costs and installation charges upfront.

The choice of your AC size may also affect the price. A simple wall-mounted AC may cost about $400, while a big, more feature-packed unit may cost about $1500. If energy efficiency is the topmost concern, look for units with energy-saving modes or variable speed controls. You may also check other features like fan-only mode, voice and touch controls, variable speed, and remote control and opt for the one according to your preference. Also, you need to check the sleeve size when replacing an existing AC to make sure that the new AC fits in the old sleeve. 

How will you install and maintain a wall-mounted AC?

Most wall-mounted ACs are easy to install. The installation requires selecting a place to put the condenser and the wall-mounted unit. You can place the condenser anywhere near your home with a few feet of space around it. However, installing the wall-mounted unit requires an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. You need to ensure that the unit is at least six feet off the floor so that no obstructions are in the way. Hiring an electrician to install a medium-sized wall AC may cost you around $700 to $800. 

For maintenance, consider changing belts and oiling the motor once a year. Also, check, clean or change filters according to the needs. You may also inspect coils annually and follow other manufacturers’ instructions for timely maintenance.

The choice of an AC requires a thorough consideration of a wide range of factors. And if you want a wall-mounted AC for your home, assess the above-discussed factors to check if it meets your usage requirements and budget.