Essential Guide On How To Use The Payment Orchestration Platform

    online payment processing
    online payment processing

    In today’s world, payments are one of the key components that hugely impact business and e-commerce. Every company aims to grow its business with significant revenue and profits. 

    E-commerce and business merchants need to keep up with the surge in demand for online shopping & various payment choices. Offering a range of payment methods is one of the quickest ways to obtain revenue & profits. Customers’ buying experiences are shaped by transaction speed and prompt fulfilment, which encourages them to return to the seller.

    Further, the seller also needs to augment their infrastructure to grow their business potential and increase their customer base. 

    One way a merchant can achieve this is by a payment orchestration platform. 

    According to reports, from 2021 to 2026, the global market for payment orchestration platforms (POPs) is predicted to rise by 20% annually. 

    What is a Payment Orchestration Platform?

    A payments orchestration platform (POP) is an online payment platform that is a one-stop shop for all online payment processing and gateways.

    It is the management and integration of the payment processes, from authorisation to settlement. Further, all the payment service providers (PSPs), banks and acquirers, are unified in one.

    POP allows a merchant’s website and several payment service providers to integrate front-end and back-end.The goal of front-end orchestration is to integrate a payment source and a gateway as simple as possible. 

    Simplified integration & access to numerous payment methods, fraud prevention, and other functionality provided by service providers can be realised thanks to a common interface.

    The goal of the back-end integration is to ensure that the client finishes the payment process quickly and that the desired payment option is accessible. It makes it easy for online business owners to accept online payments without developing multiple payment gateways on different platforms. A payments orchestration platform is the ultimate solution for merchants to access payments from multiple payment sources.

    This platform offers a great solution to organisations that want to provide various payment methods but do not want to spend thousands of rupees developing their custom solution. 

    Plural handles everything for you, including speeding checkouts and optimising payments.

    Benefits of Payment Orchestration Platform

    A few benefits of the payments orchestration platform are:

    1. Integration

    Merchants can work with numerous local and worldwide PSPs through a single integration by employing a payment orchestration. 

    Thus, it can help organisations save time and money while growing and reaching new customers by streamlining the integration process.

    2. Business Growth 

    Integrating payment providers and methods is a challenging task.

    Instead of having to manage every provider separately, sellers can connect to all providers with a single integration.

    With payment orchestration, merchants will find it effortless to attain long-term growth.

    Thus, adopting a POP can aid in the global expansion of a merchant’s consumer base.

    3. Low Transaction Fee

    One of the platform’s key features is selecting the best PSP for each transaction. 

    Transactions are processed through channels with low transaction fees, resulting in significant cost savings.

    4. Reports

    Instead of gathering data from several PSPs, merchants will receive all information on a single platform with real-time analytics, allowing them to improve their business.

    How to Use a Payment Orchestration Platform? 

    The purpose of POPs is to offer a platform for businesses with varying levels of technical experience to develop and deploy their payment solutions easily. 

    Once retailers connect their platform to their payment channels, they will gain access to the dashboard. 

    This dashboard allows them to manage the various processes relating to their business payments, including billing, configuration, user management, etc.


    The convenience, cost savings, product diversity and digital payment that online shopping provides clients worldwide have taken the e-commerce market by storm.

    Using payment technology to streamline your payment process is critical whether you own a small, medium, or large business.

    With financial technology expanding at an unimaginable rate, the Indian payment sector will also surge. 

    As businesses and consumers discover the convenience of digital payments, the number of digital transactions will increase.

    Payment orchestration is a powerful tool for streamlining the payment process. 

    Instead of wasting time and money connecting to multiple PSPs individually, merchants can use a payment orchestration platform to handle the complete payment process from start to finish.

    Plural believes that in today’s digital age, the business extends well beyond the store, so they are continuously developing new online solutions to help you electrify your e-commerce firm. 

    So, there is just one name that springs to mind when it comes to selling online – Plural.

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