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Eight benefits of HD metal prints

Eight benefits of HD metal prints

The art of HD metal printing photos and artworks is trending! The days of getting texts, images, and graphics onto paper or types of vinyl are gone. It is now possible to create beautiful art pieces or capture memorable moments in HD metal prints.

So how does this work? Any artwork is first transferred onto a paper. The second step is to get it attached to an aluminium sheet. Both the aluminium and the paper go under a heat press. During this process, the colours in the paper will be converted into gas. 

The converted gas is then pressed into an aluminium sheet and is left to cool. Soon after the aluminium cools, the gas will return to its solid-state. It leads artwork or photos to be stunningly stuck permanently into the metal.

But why are metal printing artworks preferred? Here are some of the benefits of HD prints:

It does not fade away so quickly.

Anything painted, printed, or drawn on paper will fade in time. The same happens with HD prints, but it takes a long time. HD metal printing starts fading away only after being exposed to the sunlight for about 100 years. So, if you want the artworks or memorable photos to exist for centuries, even in outer space, it can be an ideal choice. 


The process mentioned above talks about the transfer of colours onto aluminium. When the colours transfer, it transfers a layer beneath the aluminium’s exterior. So, the image is made to settle safely inside. It is the secret behind the prints’ scratch-resistant property, making them more durable. 

Traditional looks are also possible.

Many people like vintage stuff and do not want anything added to the old photo. It is wrong to think that HD prints make up photos. It doesn’t! The image is only made more explicit and durable. You can make it look old with conventional frames having vintage designs. So, your old photos with old memories are safely trapped in metals with no added changes. 

It tolerates heat 

If you belong to a hot climatic destination, you do not have to hold back your desire for HD prints. They can tolerate heat to high degrees. Even a fire at the premises cannot damage the photos. 

Easy to clean 

Printed surfaces are not safe with cleaning. It is common to see many missing features in the hanging photos. But with metals, there is no place for this problem. With a gentle wipe, you can remove any stains and marks from the surface. 

It is light-weighted 

Art pieces on walls are generally heavy. But HD prints are very light and easy to carry. As aluminium is the metal used in metal prints, it is very soft. You can hang it anywhere you wish and do not have to worry about it falling. 

Bright colours 

As the name suggests, you can expect the colours to be brilliant in their appearance. HD resolution and colour vibrancy are maintained throughout the process. There are various colour checks between the process to monitor its originality. 

Wide variety of options 

You can obtain HD prints in white, silver, glossy or matte finish. White is a very famous option as it displays every other picture in detail; it is an excellent choice for scenarios and family photos. Silver is good for contrast photos. It has the power to highlight stark differences. Glossy gives extra shine and depth to the images; a matte finish suits a simple and subtle outcome. 

It is a pleasure to talk about good moments. When it is possible to save the moment, it is more remarkable. Isn’t it? So, when you want to cherish beautiful moments of your life, do not hesitate to give it a try with HD prints. Cherish a little more!