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How to Use UTM Tracking to Make Your Next Social Media Campaign a Winner


How to Use UTM Tracking to Make Your Next Social Media Campaign a Winner

According to eMarketer, social media marketers have difficulty measuring ROI consistently. A fair budget can feel like being with a bear. It’s exhausting and frustrating, and it will likely end in one of us dying. check now

Real ROI must be proven to support the business goals and propel them forward. It’s tough to convince bosses or clients that social media has a tangible impact on their business.

How can we prove our effectiveness? How can we quantify the impact of social media marketing efforts on traffic and conversion? How can we go beyond reach, comments, and likes to measure the real impact of social media marketing efforts on traffic and conversion?

UTM tracking is the answer.

Before we get into the details of what it is and how it can be used, let’s look at why measuring marketing efforts accurately is crucial to our success. https://marketinic.com/

Ironclad attribution strategies are of impossible high value

Marketing attribution refers to tracking all marketing efforts and measuring their results. Every social media post, eBook, and blog post is part of a larger, more efficient marketing strategy that helps achieve specific goals. Every content has a particular role, and performance is measured concerning that role.check now

Let’s suppose you create a Facebook ad to drive traffic toward a landing page. The landing page’s success must be measured against this goal, not how many shares, likes, comments, and shares it receives. Imagine that the landing page encourages people to register for the free webinar training on Tuesday. This is the stat we track.

This level of precision allows us to see what is working and make data-driven adjustments accordingly easily. We can adjust our overall strategy based on incoming data instead of just throwing content out and hoping for the best.

Social media marketing is both art and science. We can be more creative and produce more of the content that our audience enjoys by understanding the science. This brings us back to UTM tracking.

What is UTM tracking?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Modul. It’s that simple! End of the post. Just kidding. An Urchin Tracking module is code that is added to a URL. It gives your analytics software juicy information about the person who used the URL. It looks something like this:

This code tells us the origin and reason for the visitor’s visit. How can we find out all this information? UTM parameters such as utm_source and utm_medium can be used to determine this information. Let’s look at the parameters and their functions.check now

1. The source parameter

Do you want to find out where your new visitor came from? UTM tracking is a simple way to find out. This is what the source parameter tells us.check now

Let’s imagine your visitor is a traveler who goes by Evilio. (Yes. He is most likely a supervillain.


Evilio has just arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. His plane arrived from Atlanta. If we used UTM tracking, it would look something like this: utm_source=Atlanta

2. The medium parameter

This parameter gives us a bigger picture of how visitors reached us.

Evilio could have used many different routes to reach O’Hare. He could have traveled by train, bus, automobile, on his own feet, or in his supervillain-mobile. He didn’t. He flew. The medium parameter would then be utm_medium=plane.check now

3. The campaign parameter

Although we know how the visitor came to us, we don’t yet know why. This is the last piece of the puzzle.

Let’s say Evilio spotted a giant billboard while walking through Atlanta with his pet platypus. Evilio scanned the QR code to learn about a free training program for social media users to find better quality minions. This was part of a marketing campaign called “Find your match.”

So when we see utm_campain=find-your-match, we know exactly what drove him to us.check now

4. These are the two lesser-known parameters

Because they give you the how and why, you will almost always use the source, medium, and campaign parameters. They aren’t the only ones. There are two more: the utm_content and the utm_term parameters.

The term parameter tracks paid keywords, while the content parameter tells the difference between posts with similar sounds. Both can be used to track the success of your ads.check now

Understanding our visitors

UTM tracking allows us to understand how and why people get to us. This will enable us to measure the success of various channels against specific goals to consciously do more with what is working and less with what isn’t.

This means more traffic, more conversions, and more money in everybody’s pockets (and budget).check now

UTM tracking helps you build better social media campaigns

UTM tracking can be used in two ways to assess the success of your social marketing campaigns. It can be set up via Google Analytics or your analytics software. Or, it can be set up through your social media management dashboard.

Although not all social media dashboards offer this feature, marketers increasingly use it as a standard feature. It’s an option provided by Buffer, MavSocial, Agorapulse, and Hootsuite.


It’s easy to set up UTM tracking through any of these services. We’ll concentrate on how you can do it through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics – Setting up UTM tracking.

You must have an account to access the process I’m about share. If you don’t have an account, click here to create one. This is how to set up WordPress on your website.check now

1. Click on the Campaign URL Builder to create your link

Use the campaign URL Builder tool to create your UTM tracking parameters. The source must be included, but all other parameters can be left out.

Create a URL using UTM parameters

It is essential to use at least three parameters to make the most of it: the source, medium, and campaign.

It is essential to spell out capital letters correctly.check now

2. Grab your link

Scroll down to the bottom to grab your link and your shiny new UTM tracking parameters. It only takes a few seconds to complete the entire process.

RevSocial example: UTM tracking parameters

It is possible to convert the URL into an easy-to-remember link.

3. Copy the link and paste it into your social media posts

Your link now has super-secret tracking capabilities. Use it in your social media marketing campaign to measure the results.

UTM tracking as a pro

Are you desperate to know how your UTM-powered link is performing?

Google Analytics Campaigns

1. Register for Google Analytics.

2. Click on Acquisition under Reports and then choose Campaigns.

3. You can find all information about trackable URLs under Campaigns. Also, there are many valuable resources.

Information about the Campaign

4. Analyze the data! This is an essential part of the process, and it’s why everything was set up in the first instance.

This data can be used to inform your future strategies. Analyze the data, determine the success of your campaign, and compare it with the rest of the efforts.

check now

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