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Buzzed Card Game Review

Buzzed Card Game
Buzzed Card Game

If you’re looking for a simple drinking game that’s fun and doesn’t require too many rules, Buzzed is the game for you. There are 250 cards with fun statements, which can be played by 3 to 20 people aged 18 and up!

The game involves sitting in a circle and using a pack of cards. The player to the left guesses which card is higher or lower than drinks if they get it right.


Buzzed is a simple drinking game perfect for kicking off, spicing up, or leveling up any party, kickback, or lowkey night with friends. It’s super easy to play and has 180 cards that let you vote, compete, and confess!

Players take turns drawing a card from the deck. Once drawn, the group drinks based on the prompt on the card. Lather, rinse, repeat!


There are three card values: five means everyone must drink, six means the first person to point upward toward the ceiling (heaven) must drink, and eight is mate. When this is drawn, you choose a drinking buddy; they must drink when you do and vice versa for the rest of the game.


The Buzzed Card Game is the most fun adult drinking game to kick off, end or make your night! It’s super easy to play, and with 180 cards that let you vote, compete and confess, no two games are the same.

This game can be played with beer, cocktails (get fancy), sparkling water — you name it, but if you’re over 21 and drinking, please drink responsibly.

One variation of this game has the players place their cards on top of a bottle of beer with the corners hanging off the edge to resemble a mushroom. When the mushroom collapses, the last person to put down a card has to drink the entire bottle.

Another variation is to draw a card and read it out loud. The group then drinks based on the prompt on the card, depending on what it says.


The scoring system for Buzzed Card Game is pretty simple. Every player takes turns drawing a card and reading it out loud. Based on what the card says, either the person who reads it or the entire group drinks a drink. This very fun drinking game is perfect for any party, pregame, or just a chill night with your friends!

The first team to correctly guess all ten items or phrases from a card before the buzzer sounds win. The next team to do so picks a different item or phrase from the same list and repeats the process. Then both teams try to describe the item or phrase to their teammates as quickly as possible so they may return the card to the other team.

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If you’re looking for a new drinking game to try at your next party, look no further than Buzzed. It is a simple, fun game that is best played with a large group. You will need a buzzer, a deck of cards, and a glass of beer. It is also a good idea to get everyone together before the game begins so that no one gets left behind or overindulged. You may also want to put a few trophies on display as a keepsake.


Buzzed Card Game is one of the most popular adult drinking games available. It’s easy to play and can be played by anyone over the age of 21, so it’s ideal for a fun night with friends or family. Each player draws a card, reads it out loud, and then drinks based on the prompt.

It’s quick, fun, and can be played with wine, beer, cocktails, or sparkling water. There are also expansion packs that include more cards, making the game even more addictive. The game comes with 80 double-sided Buzzed Out cards, an electronic timer, a score pad, and a rules sheet.

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