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Best Facebook Pages: Discover how a vacationer board accomplishes many offers on their Facebook posts


Best Facebook Pages: Discover how a vacationer board accomplishes many offers on their Facebook posts

This post is essential for a week after week series(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) by Ravi Shukle reviewing the best performing Facebook Pages to give you simple accepted procedures that will assist you with further developing your Facebook content methodology.

This week in our best Facebook Pages series, we are dissecting Normandie Tourisme, a 59,000+ fan page addressing Normandy’s Regional Tourist Board (CRT), whose objective is to advance Haute-Normandie and Basse Normandie as vacationer locations in France.

They reliably accomplish many offers on their presents, and we’re figuring out how.

1) Share excellent video content and team up with different pages

Normandie Tourisme consistently shares excellent recordings to help feature the town’s magnificence and sights. A significant number of these recordings have been made by experts.

Which prompts a high measure of offers when posted. It’s likewise critical to note that these recordings have been shared through a Youtube URL, which implies the page has heaps of content to look over.


Likewise, sharing well-known recordings from your specialty can be an excellent method for connecting with your local area ~ Click To Tweet.

Normandie Tourisme has gotten 951 offers for this post!

2) Get fans excited about their town by posing inquiries about unambiguous regions

Normandie Tourisme perceives how the individuals who visit love to share their accounts and encounters. To assist with empowering fans who have seen to draw in, they frequently share question-style posts inquiring whether they perceive different notable areas.

Get Facebook fans excited for their town.

Include your fans by empowering them to share their encounters with your business ~ Click To Tweet

By posing their fan’s direct inquiries about the area, they had the option to drive more mindfulness and energize the individuals who have visited or perceived the sight to remark. Accordingly, this post got 95 remarks. This has demonstrated to be an incredible way for the page to recognize its most energetic devotees.

3) Host contests to win passes to the town

To remunerate their enthusiastic Facebook fans who love the region, Normandie Tourisme routinely have contests offering their fans an opportunity to win a free end-of-the-week trip!

Note: click here

Have rivalries to urge fans to make a move

Running a Facebook challenge with a vital giveaway offers an incredible chance for your business to draw in and draw in new fans ~ Click To Tweet.

This style of contest functions admirably for Normandie Tourisme, as it does not just energize the individuals who have never been to take part yet additionally the people who need to return — all while advancing the region.

One more added advantage is that the challenge permits two individuals to win, further urging clients to impart the challenge to their companions, family, or accomplices.

4) Share pleasant landscapes from the town

To assist with bringing issues to light of what the town brings to the table, Normandie Tourisme consistently shares the breathtaking view from their different attractions. This has become exceptionally famous with their crowd and urges fans to impart the pictures to their companions.


It’s essential to focus on the nature of your Facebook pictures to assist with expanding the possibilities of your post being shared ~ Click To Tweet.

The outcome: Normandie Tourisme flaunts an astonishing 1,843 offers on this Facebook photograph collection with 4,834 preferences!. This is most certainly a region your business can’t stand to skip. Guarantee all photographs that are being shared are excellent.

Assuming you’re stressed over your camera or hardware, here are a few free devices you can use to alter your pictures:




Pic Monkey




Sumo Paint

5) Grow the local area by sharing inquiries from different guests

Normandie Tourisme frequently posts questions from guests who aren’t fanatics of the page, empowering fans to come in and remark with their ideas and knowledge.


To construct faithful Facebook fans, offer them the chance to share their experience and information ~ Click To Tweet.

This is an incredible way to distinguish your most enthusiastic fans and make them converse with one another, assisting with driving an additional devoted and committed following.

At the point when the page jumps into the discussion, they’re helping with promoting and fabricating the fans’ relationship with the brand.

This idea can be applied to any business and shows your crowd you’re a brand that tunes in and locks in.

How would they pile facing the “huge folks”?

When reviewing a Facebook page’s exhibition, we generally contrast its head with the head against the enormous brands contending in their space. For this situation, the movement business:


A few intriguing action items from this examination:


Even though Normandie Tourisme has the most minimal number of fans, they were as yet ready to keep up with the most special month-to-month commitment rate (30.3%!)


Most of their commitment comes from fan posts instead of page posts, with 3.2 fans posting every day on the page


Normandie Tourisme is as yet ready to accomplish a more significant number of collaborations on their page by posting simply 0.5 posts each day (Posting every other day)

This is amazing as it shows their page can, in any case, accomplish incredible outcomes without fundamentally expanding their post recurrence. They are zeroing in on higher standards without compromise.

How might they move along?

Normandie Tourisme is working effectively by offering top-notch pictures and videos to their fans — be that as it may, the following are a couple of changes they could make to assist with giving them the edge.


Make advancements for clients visiting the region


Team up with nearby organizations to offer their fans unique arrangements


Share tributes from fans who have as of late partaken in their visit


Feature more client-created content as top tips/guides or ideas from fans.

Key focus points for you

Now that we’ve gone through and separated the key ways Normandie Tourisme gets many offers on their posts; the following are a couple of key activities you can take today to assist you with accomplishing something similar for your business:


Share top-notch pictures and videos: Sharing more excellent photographs and videos expands your image’s possibilities of sharing the post. This doesn’t necessarily need to be your substance and can be transferred from different pages or Youtube channels.


Include fans in your substance – This can be as basic as getting some information about your items or administrations. If your business is in the movement specialty, another good thought is to ask your fans for suggestions on spots to visit, eat, and so on, which you can then include later on the page.


Have daily contests – One of the critical reasons fans “like” a page is to get exceptional offers or rivalries. This is an incredible chance for your business to catch leads while bringing issues to light of the brand, recollecting the main decision that the picked prize applies to your crowd


Spotlight your fans in your substance – Post inquiries from your fans. This is an extraordinary method for empowering those more energetic to remark, and your fans will thank you for noting the question simultaneously – A mutual benefit!

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