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Behold the Awesome Power of Facebook 

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Marketing via email is among the most used digital marketing channel in the world and it’s not without reason.(followers on facebook) The majority of companies utilize some form of marketing.Your most successful business is built on those that know who you are. People on your list of email addresses will be more inclined to communicate with you and make purchases from you. Read more

 Email Marketing vs. Facebook Ads

Even if opt-in email marketing that’s 100% legal and ethical email marketing, it’s possible to be buried in a digital cave – think of the Promotions tab of Gmail and Microsoft’s Clutter feature and Unroll.Me.

The dungeons in all of them make your email less open and click-through rate to decrease.

 Another problem: There’s an limitation on the amount of emails that can be sent out There’s a finite quantity of inventory. We’ve discovered it’s commonplace to send more than two emails every week causes unsubscribe rates to rise by about 3-4 percent.buying followers on facebook


In addition, over a billion users were on Facebook this past weekend, which includes your ideal users who spend many hours a day on this platform. These are the exact people you’re trying to connect with!

It is possible to do this by using Facebook advertising.

Here is an way to harness the potential from Facebook Custom Audiences.

Email-Based Facebook Targeting

If you’re ever in the situation that you want to get your message out to your target audience, however, email isn’t an option but you are able to reach the same people and do it in a better and more precise way with Facebook advertisements.

Let me share a concrete illustration to you. I wanted to advertise my appearance as a keynote speaker during PPC Hero Conf in London in October to increase registrations and spread awareness of the conference.

  • I wrote details of the event on my page Facebook:
  •  Custom audiences on Facebook Larry Kim conference ad
  • The truth is that the posting of your page on Facebook isn’t useful. It’s not going to result in the kind of actions you’d like since Facebook’s organic reach isn’t great.

This is the place Facebook Custom Audiences are a big help.

It is possible to export your emails (from Marketo, HubSpot, or any other CRM you are using) in an CSV file. There is no need to perform any segmentation.Then, you build an audience for your custom with a customer database. Read more

create a facebook custom audience

Then, you can upload the file. The file could comprise Facebook usernames and email addresses or even phone numbers.

Don’t worry regarding privacy. Uploading your file becomes encrypted once you upload it to Facebook. Facebook employs an algorithm for hashing to determine whether they can match the information in your file to any of the Facebook users who have their actual logins on Facebook.

Defining Your Audience 

From my list of 300k email addresses Facebook could match about half of the more than 147,900 Facebook users. While it’s only 50 percent match for emails The open rate of emails is 10-20 percent, so right out of the gate , you’re well ahead.

Facebook can match with your email address at work (perhaps when you’ve done an attempt to recover your password) or when they have your phone number (no doubt that Facebook has requested your mobile number to protect reasons).

Focus on quality, not the quantity of your targets. You do not want to target all of the people. You should make sure that your Facebook ads are targeted in accordance with:

The location we choose to use is to reach out to people who live in specific regions – that is, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. Our advertising’s reach to just 11,000 people.

  • Age: We want to connect with people aged between 24-48 years old. The reach of our website is now down to 7,600 users.
  • Language: We want to reach those who are fluent in English. Now we’re at 7,300.
  • Interests We want to target people with specific desires that match our ads, for example those who are interested in AdWords and search engine marketing PPC, inbound marketing and content marketing, social media and analytics. Today, we’re targeting 3,000 potential customers.

Instead of sending an untargeted mailer to a list of 350,000 names, we’ve discovered three needles within our own haystack. This is why our advertisement will be effective and not spam.

Note : how to get followers on facebook business page

This Is Insanely Powerful Stuff!

If you are using lead capture, the segmentation you are able to do is limited by the amount of information you can collect. If your form asks for first and email address, and last name You don’t know which part of the country the individual lives in. 

What’s really amazing about Facebook is the fact that it allows you to return to the past to look up demographic data you’ve never collected! 

This is a lot of work. Sorry, email. 

Furthermore, Facebook can make it relatively affordable to hunt down 3,000 people. It’s hard to invest millions of dollars with such an extremely small group of individuals. 

The Results 

This ad reaches more than 96,000 (93,000+ paid more organic, 2,600+ paid) people. The ad also brought in:

  • More than 1,000 clicks
  • 12 comments (some amazing ones)
  • 6 shares (yes people have reposted this advertisement)
  • 1,100 likes (though the number of likes doesn’t necessarily matter, but it’s an endorsement)
  • All for the low cost of $459.

 As for ROI there’s no cost-per-action. It’s difficult to keep track of these things from beginning to the point of sale however, many attendees at the conference reported having seen the ads, which was how they first heard about it. The event was extremely well attended.

Facebook Custom Audiences lets you use marketing applications that were previously utilized by marketers who used email However, now it’s possible to accomplish it by using advertising.

Plus There’s no limit to the amount of inventory. You can run ads and do not need to worry about being unsubscribed. This is granular and allows you to create segments that go beyond the data fields you’ve previously had.

This is only one example of clever use of pay-per-click marketing to promote events, and is only a small example of the incredible potential and power that is Facebook custom audiences.

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