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Average Maintenance Costs for Mountain Bikes

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The terrain on which you ride a mountain bike is vastly different from what you ride on the road, so your mountain bike gets worn out much faster. Maintaining your mountain bike is essential, but how much does it cost to do so on a monthly or yearly basis? Maintenance and labor costs for premium mountain bikes can range from $500 to $800 per year. It is possible to expect to pay $100 to $300 per year for maintenance on a less expensive mountain bike. There are different types of mountain bikes. While we can’t give you an exact estimate, we can give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to pay. Anyone looking to upgrade to a high-end mountain bike or buy their first mountain bike will benefit from having this information.

Maintenance Costs for Hardtails

An expert can usually fix almost any part of a mountain bike in less than an hour, especially if it is a short fix. It is much cheaper to get a professional to do as much as possible in one trip if you have multiple problems or need multiple parts serviced at once. We decided instead of explaining each part to you, we would give you a table indicating how much it costs to service the most important parts. You won’t have to pay for most of those costs simultaneously if you take good care of your mountain bike, but they do add up throughout the year. The cost of owning a hardtail mountain bike is about $450 per year. The amount of money you can save over five years can be significant if you decide to eliminate labor costs.

Maintenance Costs for Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

A full-suspension mountain bike follows the same logic we discussed hardtails. A full-suspension mountain bike requires more effort and parts than a hardtail mountain bike, so you need to add a few extra expenses. Instead of spending approximately $110 per year on suspension, you should plan to spend about $200 per year on a full-suspension mountain bike. Mountain bikes come in a variety of quality levels, so the cost will vary accordingly. For your full suspension, you need to lubricate the extra bearings on the frame every year, so you will spend an additional 45 dollars a year on maintenance.

Maintenance Costs for Mountain Bikes

You can often take maintenance and parts plans if you buy a mountain bike from a place like Walmart. Typically, these cost about $60 per year, and you can sign up for two years at a time. You can expect to pay roughly $50 to $100 a month for premium mountain bikes. It’s important to remember that some months you won’t have to spend a cent, but on average, this is how it works out. A lot of the maintenance doesn’t require you to take your bike apart or replace parts, something many people don’t consider.

The Cost of Maintaining Mountain Bike Frames

The reason we listed this section separately is that you have two choices when your bike frame cracks or breaks. Your mountain bike will either need a new frame and all your other parts, or you will have to buy a new one. You can spend up to $1000 for a mountain bike frame alone, but on average you’re looking at $300 to $500. Whenever your mountain bike frame starts to give out, you should consider purchasing a new one if you do not race mountain bikes competitively. In spite of the fact that most of your parts will work on a new frame, you should buy a bike that has the parts designed for the frame and vice versa.

Wheel Maintenance Costs for Mountain Bikes

Wheel maintenance is often confused with tire maintenance and vice versa. There is, however, a huge difference between them. You should be able to use your wheels for a few years. Here are some examples:

  • It is possible for your wheels to bend after an awkward landing.
  • Your wheels may be damaged if you are involved in an accident.

Your wheels will need to be replaced in these cases. There can be a price difference of up to $1000 for a set of carbon wheels. Generally, you can expect to pay $350 for a set of mountain bike wheels.

What is the Best Time to Replace Mountain Bike Tires?

In addition to wearing out three or four sets of tires a year, some riders ride long trails on weekends, sometimes on days off from work, and even during the week. You should replace your tires twice a year if you ride your mountain bike every other weekend. It is important to keep in mind that the condition of your tires can greatly influence your riding comfort. As a result, replacing tires at least twice a year can also provide safety, so replacing them regularly is the best practice in my opinion.

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Last Thoughts

Each of us is unique. Many people try to avoid maintenance because they find it to be a hassle. Other people enjoy working on their bikes, especially technically minded people.

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