Home Industry An Yellow Moroccan Tile Stone Backsplash in a Brooklyn Kitchen

An Yellow Moroccan Tile Stone Backsplash in a Brooklyn Kitchen


An entertainment-focused kitchen preps with bright lights, bigger storage, and more dining space

  • homeowners: Dawn and David posted photos of their kitchen remodel on Sweeten
  • Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York
  • The primary remodeling: Refitting a kitchen with better layout and more lighting
  • Sweeten general contractor
  • Sweeten’s job: Sweeten connects home improvement projects with general contractors who have been vetted, offering support, advice and financial protection at no cost to the homeowner.

Improve lighting placement and unpersonal lighting

Kitchen in Dawn as well as David’s loft was not set up in a way that was ideal. After having lived in the house for over a decade they decided to remodel the kitchen. The cabinets had experienced many years of wear and tear, and the drawers and appliances weren’t at their best.

The couple also wanted to repair an earlier mistake in their renovation the contractor had persuaded them to install recessed lighting for the kitchen and living spaces. Dawn was not happy with the decision as it seemed too bland and decided to look for statement pendants with more personality. They were also looking to add their own personal touches, such as the moroccan tile backsplash. In the wake of posting their design on Sweeten after interviewing various contractors, they decided to choose the Sweeten design-build business.

Create a kitchen’s storage system more effective

The aim was to borrow space from the kitchen, allowing an extra space for living and dining areas. The kitchen counters would be enlarged to provide more space as well as cabinet storage with a smaller footprint. A well-planned layout is crucial. She stated, “We wanted to get the most value from each corner without getting rid of a lot of places to hide!”

With their penchant for entertaining serving large portions of food as well as other items that were oddly shaped required specific locations. To achieve that, Dawn “spent a lot of time measuring things which would be stored and then plotted them out within the kitchen. I took care not to allocate too much space.”

The peninsula transforms into a multifunctional

An extended peninsula that had drawers on either side, facing the kitchen, as well as the entranceway was a crucial element in implementing this plan. Dawn desired “tons of space for prepping and cooking meals and also serving food and drinks when we host. Many people gather in the kitchen after they arrive. I wanted an area that wouldn’t hinder the process of cooking dinner. With a bigger peninsula, we can limit cooking and prep work to one portion of the surface , while leaving space for a beautiful design in the second.”

Planning out the placement

The space was redesigned to accommodate serving trays, as well as her biggest pots. A lot of thinking was put into the optimal arrangement of the cabinets and appliances The utensil drawer is facing the dishwasher, and it is concealed behind the peninsula to keep the countertops clean.

Dawn collaborated together with the Sweeten contractor to create an entire pantry with shelves and drawers in the interior. An spice rack that is mounted at eye-level is within the door.

For the finishes Dawn, co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Home, an artist-designed home accessories company has a dream: “grainy flat-paneled cabinets, gorgeous organic pulls, awe-inspiring color in the backsplash stunning illumination, as well as a crisp white, but intriguing countertop.” The focal point of the room was the bright yellow Moroccan tile that was inspired by the yellow Moroccan rug that the couple had in their living room. It was a gift from their first visit together during their first date. “It is what makes us smile every each day,”” Dawn said.

Bonus The new lighting design has also altered the style of the area. The peninsula now has two hand-pierced, brass shades that are nickel-plated that originate from Egypt. The light reflected from the holes that have been pierced creates an unique pattern when it is illuminated.

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