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Add Some Exercise to Your Day – Ride an Electric Bicycle


Riding an electric bicycle is more than just a way to get somewhere for less money and energy. Best bike for arthritic knees offers you the opportunity to add small amounts of exercise to your day, in a way that doesn’t require changing into gym clothes or running to the shower. An e-bike’s pedals offer opportunities to burn calories by pedaling for short distances, in ways that wouldn’t be possible if you traveled by standard bicycle or car.

Unlike electric scooters or other types of motor vehicles, electric bicycles have functioning pedals and ebike range calculator. By applying muscle power to your pedals, you can save battery power and extend your riding range. But every tenth of a watt-hour not consumed by the e-bike’s motor translates to an 86 calories workout. Not enough to get your perspiration out of control, but more than you’d burn by stepping on the gas pedal.

Many Ebikes are equipped with a pedal-assist mode. In this mode, you can perform the light exercises as the motor supplies power by your pedaling rate. When pedaling in this mode, you will feel very light resistance and you’re unlikely to break a sweat even on a warm day. Nonetheless, you are still using your leg muscles and burning some calories.

If you want to work out a little harder, turn off the pedal-assist mode, partially release the throttle and start pedaling along. The throttle allows you to easily determine the extent of the exercise you wish to perform. If you find yourself exerting too much effort, just twist the throttle further and give yourself a break.

For a full workout, you can always ride an electric bicycle in complete manual mode. Electric bicycles offer an advantage over standard bikes because they are so versatile. You can use the throttle or pedal assist for one leg of your commute and arrive fresh in your office. Then on your way home, just ride it like a standard bike and get a complete cycling workout. This could be a great way to lose weight.

Eco-Friendly Electric Bicycles

An electric bicycle is a standard bicycle with a motor attached to the pedals and powered by a battery. Many people are considering alternative forms of transportation due to stress on finances and concerns about the environment. The ebike is quickly replacing the automobile in many countries due to the need to conserve fuel and improve the environment. There is no need for a driver’s license, insurance, and registration in most locations. Before operating an ebike, check with local officials to be sure.

Because the electric bicycle is powered by a battery, there are no poisonous gases released into the air and few fragments from tires littering the roadways. The battery can be a lithium-ion battery which is friendly to the environment and uses very little electricity to recharge. The average life is 2 to 3 years with 300 charges which will power the electric bicycle for about 10,000 miles. In the total time and distance, an electric bicycle travels 500 miles; it saves 25 gallons of gasoline. The battery can last longer when only used for climbing hills and when the trip is too long for the exhausted cyclist.

The commuter can save time and money by commuting to work and riding stress-free by traffic jams and yet arrive to work without needing a shower due to the power provided to the pedals. The maximum speed allowed in most locations is 20 miles per hour on a flat surface, but with the time saved stranded in traffic, the cyclist can arrive to work before those choosing to drive.

Other countries such as overpopulated China are turning to electric bicycles which are far outselling automobiles. Automobile sales totaled 9.4 million while electric bicycles pedaled off the shelves to the rate of 21 million last year. China has four times as many eco-friendly ebikes as cars. There has been a great deal of improvement in the air quality since the advent of the eco-friendly electric bicycle which has also improved the economy of the country. The Chinese government has taken notice and offered support and encouragement for these forms of alternative transportation.

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