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A Guide to Birthstones From Jewellery Websites


This is the last part of the Birthstone Guide. It will look at how ancient civilizations understood that gemstones have physical properties associated with properties. This guide will look at the properties of gemstones in the autumn and winter months.

As per the jewellery guide the jewel in October is a multicolored opal that shines in all the colors of the rainbow. Opal or opal itself means precious stones – with their unique luster. Opal is a wonderful symbol of protection, healing, love, loyalty and trust, and it is a suitable gift for your loved one, young or old. It is said that in Roman times opal meant “a child as beautiful as love”, making this gem a suitable symbol of love. The alternative stone for October is pink tourmaline – a gemstone that has mystical properties due to its ability to attract lighter objects when statically charged with heat. Known as the stone of inspiration, it has symbolically become a gem that promotes the creative process and hope.

The lemon in November is a warm yellow, reminiscent of soft gold like autumn leaves. Unique and rare, this precious quartz, like many in its family, is a protector against evil thoughts and poisons and a healer, especially against urinary tract infections. It was originally thought to be a sapphire that was intensely heated in the earth’s crust, and this yellow gemstone has acquired a symbol of hope and strength. An alternative gemstone in November is a similar yellow topaz along with some amazing facts – a gemstone that the Egyptians consider the brilliance of the sun god Ra. It symbolizes the gift of friendship and is believed to strengthen the will and desire to be loved (receive and give).

Like a cool, clear winter day in December, Blue Topaz glows light blue but cool. The name blue topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word agni “tapas”, where its color indicates that it has cooling properties. Thus, it began to be used as a coolant for both high temperatures and emotions. In addition, it is used to treat all kinds of diseases, from poor eyesight to asthma. It is interesting that blue topaz has become a symbol of love, trust – perhaps – peaceful and wonderful love. The alternative stone for December is turquoise – a gemstone that protects against all kinds of evil and disease. For centuries, it has symbolized hope and friendship. All winter stones show great warmth in love and friendship. Unlike previous months, they are not fiery and emotional, but calm and relaxed.

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